Previous Saturday Specials

September 1999

4th - Rosselli - Beaten out of sight.
11th - Mutafaweq - Won the St Leger at 11/2
18th - Top Cees - Won 8/1
25th - No More Mr NiceGuy - Meeting Abandoned .


2nd - Bomb Alaska - Beaten in a photo finish.
9th - Littlefeather - Beaten about a furlong.
16th - Top Cees - Won the Cesarewitch at 13/2.
23rd - Silk St John - Beaten out of sight.
30th - Flying Instructor - Last of 6.


6th - Largesse - Beaten out of sight
13th - Call Equiname - Pulled Up
20th - Dark Stranger - 2nd
27th - Go-Informal - Well Beaten


4th - Quakers Field - Beaten out of sight
11th - Stormyfairweather - Unplaced
18th - Spendid - Beaten in a photo finish

January 2000

8th - Druid's Brook - Beaten out of sight
15th - Sounds Like Fun - See above
22nd - The Last Fling - Won 11/2
29th - Strong Tel - Fell at the first fence


5th - Rubhahunish - Won 11/2
12th - Geos - Won 15/2
19th - Weaver George - Lost due to pilot error.
26th - Red Marauder - Beaten out of sight.


4th - Major Bell - Beaten out of sight
11th - Errand Boy - Won 7/2
18th - Merry Path - Would have won if another horse hadn't finished in front of him.
25th - Salmon Ladder - Well beaten.


1st - Cezanne - Unplaced.   I didn't see the race s  that's all I know.
8th - Star Traveller - Going well until breaking down.
15th - Birkdale - Don't ask.
22nd - Serenus - Well beaten.
29th - Trouble Ahead - Refused at the pond fence.


6th - Latalomne - Beaten out of sight.
13th - Marengo - See above.
20th - Kew Gardens - Big disappointment.
27th - Barathea Guest - Needs further.


3rd - Banafsayjh - Well beaten
10th - Sakhee - 2nd, would have won most ordinary Derbies.
17th - Ice - Won  10/1, see, I'm not totally incompetant...........
24th - Corridor  Creeper - ...........or then again?


1st - Inigo Jones - Unlucky, back it next time it runs over 2 miles.
8th - Sakhee - Major disappointment.
15th - Nooshman - Ran pretty well, but not well enough.
22nd - Life is Life - No comment
29th - Wahj - 24th of 24, was neck and neck with the winner until the stalls opened.


5th - Coastal Bluff - About 25th of 30, better than last week anyway.
12th - Boast - Looked like it would win but finished 3rd, maybe next time.
19th - Bon Ami - Nearly won despite being drawn on the wrong side.
26th - Zuhair - Left it too late.


2nd - Pipalong - Won 3/1, a winner to celebrate the 1st anniversary of this website.
9th - Mayaro Bay - Won  11/2, that's 2 weeks in a row, I'm on a hot streak now.
16th - Marsad, Alright, so I didn't get the winner, but at 33/1 I doubt that anybody else did either.
23rd - Strahan - Prominent early but eventually well beaten.
30th - Bound For Pleasure - Beaten out of sight.


7th - Littlepacepaddocks - Meeting Abandoned, pity, it definitely would have won.
14th - Eastwell Hall - Only beaten by 29 lengths, so obviously a bit unlucky.
21st - Marienbard - 2nd beaten a length, better than last week anyway.
28th - Fullopep - Non-runner.  Well, at least you didn't lose any money did you.


4th - Subtle Influence - Non-runner (again), I don't know why, the ground would have been ideal.
11th - Corniche - Well beaten.  Lived up to his name, slow and easy to overtake.
18th - Ardent Scout - Second to next year's Grand National winner Young Kenny, so not a bad run.
25th - King's Road - Won  7/1.  See, I do tip winners occasionally.


2nd - Master Wood - 3rd beaten a fair way, and I thought he was nailed on.
9th - Direct Route - Direct Rout more like, beaten out of sight.
16th - Arlequin De Sou - Also beaten out of sight, needs a left handed track.
23rd - No racing today, so that's saved us some money anyway.
30th - Every meeting abandoned, so no bet this week either.

January 2001

6th - Eyeballs Out - Beaten out of sight, completed the course in his own time.
13th - Exit Swinger - Didn't run too badly, in a "never threatening to win" sort of way.
20th - Culzean - Lingfield abandoned due to frost, so much for all weather racing.
27th - Be My Manager - Won  10/1, my first winner of 2001, but hopefully not the last.

February 2001

3rd - Torduff Express - Ran well for the first circuit, the less said about the second one the better.
10th - Rooster Booster - 2nd, Well and truly stuffed.
17th - Spunkie - Led most of the way but eventually beaten out of sight.
24th - Birkdale - Ran well for the first circuit, hopelessly tailed off thereafter.

March 2001

3rd - Racing suspended due to foot and mouth.
10th - Seixo Branco - Well placed and travelling easily but beaten out of sight up the final hill.
17th - Springfield Scally - 2nd, outpaced early but ran on again at the finish, back him over 2m6f+.
24th - Espada - Unplaced, prominent for the first half mile, slow and one paced for the second.
31st - Reach The Clouds - Led at the start, hopelessly tailed off at the finish.

April  2001

7th - Northern Starlight - Fell at Bechers first time, he jumped the previous five fences well though.
14th - Lady Miletrian - 4th, ran quite well, albeit a considerable distance behind the winner.
21st - Northern Starlight - Ran well until pulling up on final circuit, obviously a non stayer.
28th - What's Up Boys - 2nd, looked the most likely winner with three fences left to jump.

May 2001

5th - Minardi - 4th, like his Formula 1 motor racing namesake, slow and uncompetitive.
12th - Attorney - 7th, only beaten a couple of lengths, maybe next time given a slightly better draw.
19th - Veridian - Unplaced, ambled round in his own time.  I think he even beat a couple of them.
26th - Chief Casier - 4th of 19, led all the way except for the most important part.

June 2001

2nd - Fromsong - Unplaced, ran quite well, but unfortunately several of the others ran better.
9th - Proud Native - Unplaced, ran well for the first half of the race, not so well in the second half.
16th - Up Tempo - 4th of 20, might have finished a lot closer if he'd run in a straight line.
23rd - Zibeline - Unplaced, ran like an absolute donkey, might as well have stayed at home.
30th - Cover Up - 2nd beaten less than a length.  Don't worry, it's only my 22nd consecutive loser.

July 2001

7th - Bahamian Pirate - 9th of 10 after being badly interfered with (he was 10th of 10 at the time).
14th - Golconda - An unlucky 3rd of 19, trapped on the rail until it was too late.
21st - Whitbarrow - 13th of 25, beaten out of sight - 25th CONSECUTIVE LOSER !!!!!
28th - Misraah - 4th of 28, would probably have won given a more favourable draw.

August 2001

4th - Undeterred - 3rd of 30, beated less than a length, finished fast but not quite fast enough.
11th - Calcutta - 5th of 10, didn't get the best of runs, and eventually beaten out of sight.
18th - Night Flight - 5th of 23, won the race on the wrong side of the track, beaten by the draw.
25th - Flak Jacket - Unplaced, he came out of the stalls and ran in the right direction, that's about it.

September 2001

1st - Counsel's Opinion - Won 14/1, and you only had to wait seven months since the last one !
8th - Sudden Flight - Unplaced, gave them all a head start as he was fast asleep when the stalls opened.
15th - Hannibal Lad - Unplaced, 16th of 20.  Look on the bright side, he beat four of them.
22nd - Needwood Blade - 16th of 28.  He beat the favourite, but most of the others did as well.
29th - Capricho - 23rd of 24 beaten 33 lengths.  Well, it could have been worse couldn't it?

October 2001

6th - Smirk - 4th of 35, better than last week, though admittedly that's not saying much.
13th - Exeat - 14th of 23 beaten 10 lengths, never in contention at any stage.
20th - Distant Prospect - Won 14/1.  Ivor Donkey gives you the Cesarewitch winner yet again.
27th - Rampant - Prominent for most of the race until eventually beaten out of sight.

November 2001

3rd - Tony Tie - 24th of 30 and totally beaten out of sight, finished in his own time.
10th - Golden Wells - 3rd of 24, beaten about half a length, given far too much to do in the straight.
17th - Historic - Fell at 4th hurdle, though he jumped much better once he'd got rid of his jockey.
24th - Fornaught Alliance - Unplaced.  The first time visor had an effect - it made him even slower.

December 2001

1st - Commanche Court - Unplaced, beaten out of sight.
8th - Cupboard Lover - 8th of 11, in contention most of the way, beaten out of sight up the hill.
15th - Tresor De Mai - Meeting abandoned due to frost. Well, at least it saved you some money.
22nd - First Ballot - 7th of 16, beaten out of sight after jumping like a donkey.
29th - Too Forward - 2nd at 20/1, alright if you backed it each way (which I didn't).

January 2002

5th - No Saturday Special due to major computer problems.  Well, at least you didn't lose any money.
12th - See above.
19th - See above.
26th - Strong Paladin - 4th - Ran fairly well, unfortunately three others ran better.

February 2002

2nd - Royal Tommy - Ran well for the first circuit, hopelessly tailed off and pulled up on the second.
9th - Joe Cullen - 10th of 16.  Well he beat 6 of them (at least 2 of which had already fallen over).
16th - Lord Brex - Unplaced, well in touch until going backwards and completely tailing off.
23rd - Tremallt - Unplaced, led for most of the way, completed the last half mile in his own time.

March 2002

2nd - Storm Damage - Brought down by a faller at the second fence, at least he got past the first one.
9th - Fait Le Jojo - Unplaced, totally beaten out of sight.
16th - Over The Furze - Unplaced, was eventually pulled up after being lapped by the leaders.
23rd - Lance Armstrong - Always in rear, tailed off and beaten 63 lengths, so obviously a bit unlucky.
30th - Prairie Falcon - Unplaced, I think that he did eventually complete the course though.

April 2002

6th - Beau - Unplaced, in second place and travelling well until unseating at the fourteenth fence.
13th - Colorado Falls - Unplaced, 8th of 16.  Well, at least he finished in front of the favourite.
20th - Gunther McBride - 3rd of 18, led for virtually the whole race except the most important bit.
27th - Beau - Last of 16 finishers, beaten 107 lengths.  Well, at least he completed the course.

May 2002

4th - Belle D'Anjou - 10th of 11, totally beaten out of sight.  It could have been worse though.
11th - Feet So Fast - Won 5/2.  A bit of a short price unfortunately, though it was 11/2 in the morning.
18th - Livius - 15th of 16, completely beaten out of sight.  Normal service is resumed.
25th - Watching - 6th of 24, not beaten very far after encountering a few traffic problems.

June  2002

1st - Chispa - 16th of 17, in touch for the first couple of furlongs, hopelessly tailed off thereafter.
8th - Naheef - 7th of 12, beaten about 2 furlongs.  Capable of winning a selling hurdle next year.
15th - Esenin - Hopelessly beaten out of sight.  Hard ridden as soon as the stalls opened.
22nd - Doctor Spin - 8th of 24.  Came all the way from Yorkshire, he might as well have stayed there.
29th - Mr Dinos - 2nd of 16.  Never mind, he was too short a price to bother with anyway.

July 2002

6th - Tiyoun - Unplaced.  Eventually finished a respectable two furlongs behind the winner.
13th - Full Spate - Unplaced.  Was mentioned once by the race commentator - "and in last place is......"
20th - Faithful Warrior - 7th of 13.  Ran on well eventually, as the winner was being unsaddled.
27th - Suggestive - 5th of 28.  Not beaten far, a considerable improvement on recent selections.

August 2002

3rd - Doctor Spin - 11th of 28.  Very consistent in big handicaps, gets beaten out of sight in all of them.
10th - Mumbling - Non runner.  Unquestionably one of my least expensive tips of the year so far.
17th - Ragamuffin - Unplaced.  I didn't see where he finished, but I think he completed the course.
24th - Be My Tinker - Unplaced.  The worst horse in the race on official ratings, and ran accordingly.
31st - Mitcham - Unplaced.  Well drawn, well turned out, well backed and well beaten.

September 2002

7th - Danehurst - 14th of 14.  A truly appalling performance, struggled from start to finish.
14th - Lermontov - 10th of 18.  Ran on quite promisingly, too late to trouble the winner though.
21st - Abbajabba - 3rd of 28 at 33/1.  Not a bad result if you backed it each way (which I didn't).
28th - Grizedale - Unplaced.  Went down to the start last, didn't fare much better on the way back.

October 2002

5th - Waverley - 4th of 31 at 20/1.  Not a bad result if you backed it each way (Which I did this time).
12th - Damalis - Unplaced.  Briefly threatened to run well before fading and hopelessly tailing off.
19th - Trained Bythe Best - Tipped Bythe Worst - a totally beaten out of sight 27th of 36.
26th - Transatlantic - Beaten out of sight.  Ran so slowly that the jockey had to get off and push.

November 2002

2nd - Deep Water - Treading water more like, 4th of 13.  Though didn't run badly under top weight.
9th - Turtle Valley - Beaten out of sight.  Just managed to finish before it started getting dark.
16th - Beat The Retreat - Pulled up.  Prominent early, but definitely lived up to his name thereafter.
23rd - Echo's Of Dawn - Meeting abandoned due to waterlogging.  That saved you some money.
30th - Whitenzo - 4th of 25 at 25/1.  Might have won but for a huge blunder four from home.

December 2002

7th - Idaho D'Ox - 8th of 12.  Well in touch for most of the race, but slowed to a walk up the final hill.
14th - Golden Goal - Unplaced.  Lived up to his name as he needed extra time to complete the course.
21st - Idaho D'Ox - 2nd of 20 at 50/1.  Finished very fast but much too late, bloody jockeys !
28th - Madge Carroll - Non Runner.  Pity, because despite being 66/1 it was an absolute certainty.

January 2003

4th - Madeline Bassett - Unplaced.  Ran on strongly at the end for 14th place (of sixteen runners).
11th - Just Fly - 5th of 14.  Briefly threatened to win two furlongs out - until four others overtook him.
18th - Bound - 17th of 21.  Just about managed to finish before the next race was due to start.
25th - Shardam - 5th of 18.  One paced and never in contention at any stage (except before the start).

February 2003

1st - Rum Pointer - Unplaced.  Lucky that I backed Chopneyev (who won) instead.  HA HA HA HA.
8th - Quazar - 7th of 27.  Prominent for most of the way, until being left behind in the home straight.
15th - Sud Bleu - 5th of 13.  Held up, loomed up menacingly, found nothing.  Not for the first time.
22nd - Chicuelo - Pulled up.  Tailed off, jumped like a donkey, the glue factory surely beckons now.

March 2003

1st - Shotgun Willy - Won 10/1.  Only ten months and forty-one losers since my last winner as well.
8th - Keltic Bard - Non runner.  I don't know why, as conditions would have been ideal for him.
15th - Just Maybe - Well in contention until hopelessly tailing off and pulling up on the final circuit.
22nd - Hell-Of-A-Shindy - Pulled up.  Lived up to his name, as he ran like he had a hangover.
29th - Almaydan - 9th of 10.  Twenty lengths in front at half way, twenty lengths behind at the finish.

April 2003

5th - Youlneverwalkalone - Pulled up early in the race after a very awkward looking landing.
12th - Spendid - 3rd of 19 at 12/1.  Never looked in any danger of actually winning the race though.
19th - Skylarker - 6th of 18, beaten only 2 lengths.  Back it if it runs over further than 1m2f next time.
26th - Whitenzo - 10th of 16 (the other 6 pulled up).  Ran well for most of the way, just didn't stay.

May 2003

3rd - Tomahawk - 8th of 20.  Didn't get a clear run, if he had he might well have finished seventh.
10th - Mr Malarkey - 5th of 12, beaten 7 lengths.  Ran quite well, just nowhere near fast enough.
17th - Counsel's Opinion - Won 12/1.  Blimey, two in the same year - am I good to you or what?
24th - Candleriggs - 6th of 18.  Had a 100% winning record at Kempton before today, not any more.
31st - Awake - Beaten out of sight.  Ironically named, as he looked fast asleep during the race.

June 2003

7th - Franklins Gardens - 14th of 20.  Should win a race or two, class G selling hurdles most likely.
14th - Mr Malarkey - 3rd of 20 at 14/1.  Ran fairly well, a long way behind the winner though.
21st - Fayr Jag - Won the Wokingham at 5/1.  The SP was 10/1, but unfortunately it was a dead heat.
28th - Unleash - Won 10/1.  Two winners in a row for the first time since 2000 - now for the hat trick.

July 2003

5th - Counsel's Opinion - 3rd of 19 at 10/1.  Beated 3/4 length, would have won in a few more strides.
12th - Albuhera - 19th of 20.  Prominent early, virtually pulled up in the end.  Must have been doped.
19th - Goldstreet - 4th of 15 at 11/1.  Was badly hampered by a couple of fallers, which didn't help.
26th - Capricho - 4th of 22 at 10/1.  Ran pretty well for most of the race (except for the last bit).

August 2003

2nd - Fayr Jag - 8th of 29 at 8/1.  Ran well under top weight, still beaten out of sight though.
9th - Proud Boast - Unplaced.  Definitely nothing to boast about today, beaten out of sight.
16th - Pic Up Sticks - Pulled up, which is fairly unusual for a six furlong sprint it has to be said.
23rd - Canterloupe - 3rd of 14 at 14/1.  A massive improvement on last weeks selection at least.
30th - Risk Taker - 14th of 15 at 20/1.  Ran well for the first two furlongs, shame about the other eight.

September 2003

6th - Jack Dawson - Unplaced.  Pulled up, looked all at sea on the soft ground and sunk without trace.
13th - Certain Justice - 6th of 16.  Used up a lot more energy before the race than he did during it.
20th - Vanderlin - 24th of 26.  He only missed out on 23rd place by a short head though.
27th - Little Good Bay - 6th of 25.  Ran reasonably well without ever looking like actually winning.

October 2003

4th - Zabaglione - 9th of 34.  Exactly the same as last weeks selection, just not quite good enough.
11th - Parting Shot - 13th of 16.  He did suffer some serious interference though it has to be said.
18th - Don Fernando - 33rd of 36.  A truly atrocious performance from both horse and tipster.
25th - Brooklyn's Gold - Unplaced.  Briefly took the lead 2f out, then all of the others overtook him.

November 2003

1st - Duke Of Modena - 15th of 20.  One place behind the favourite, but 14 places behind the winner.
8th - Eastern Breeze - 5th of 24.  Though the first four were being unsaddled when he finally finished.
15th - Analyze - 8th of 16.  In contention until blundering at the second hurdle.  Tailed off thereafter.
22nd - Luzcadou - 8th of 11.  His two blunders should give the fence builders some overtime tonight.
29th - Haut Cercy - Non runner.  My most profitable Saturday selection since the end of June.

December 2003

6th - Aye Aye Popeye - 7th of 14.  Just as well I backed Overstrand (who won at 9/1) instead.
13th - Indian Scout - Unplaced.  Fell after apache round of jumping.  One to have reservations about.
20th - Visibility - 5th of 17 at 16/1.  Not a bad run, in a "totally beaten out of sight" kind of way.
27th - Take Control - Remote control would be more accurate, pulled up when hopelessly tailed off.

January 2004

3rd - Kadara - Won 12/1.  The bad news is that I average one winner a year.  That's it until 2005 then.
10th - Palarshan - Unplaced.  Just managed to snatch 9th place (of 10 finishers) right on the line..
17th - Pirandello - Fell halfway down the back straight when he was bang in contention for last place.
24th - Master Tern - 9th of 10 finishers.  He would have been 8th but was hampered four from home.
31st - Ardent Scout - Meeting abandoned.  A lucky escape for the bookies as he'd definitely have won.

February 2004

7th - Tresor De Mai - 11th of 14 finishers at 33/1.  Eventually completed the course in his own time.
14th - Le Duc - 11th of 25 at 33/1.  Held up in rear, managed to pass a few stragglers at the end.
21st - Ardent Scout - Unplaced.  I didn't see him finish as Channel 4 went off 50 minutes after the race 28th - Iznogoud - 3rd of 11 at 7/1.  Ran better than my previous seven tips, which isn't saying much.

March 2004

6th - Europa - Pulled up early after a calamitous mistake.  He jumped the first fence quite well though.
13th - Breknen Le Noir - 11th of 23.  Led most of the way, but mistook the 2f pole for a give way sign
20th - Ballybrophy - Meeting abandoned due to high winds, or more appropriately, a Strong Gale.
27th - Unshakable - 8th of 24.  Well backed off the course, but well beaten on it.

April 2004

3rd - Bear On Board - 8th of 39. Stayed the distance well, but unfortunately nowhere near fast enough.
10th - Red Wine - 7th of 18.  Outpaced in the closing stages, all in all a far from vintage performance.
17th - Grey Abbey - Won  12/1.  That's two winners in the same year, and it's still only April.
24th - Montayral - 3rd of 18 at 10/1.  Finished strongly, unfortunately so did the two in front of him.

May 2004

1st - Isard III - 3rd of 18 at 10/1.  Looked like winning at one point, just not at the finish unfortunately.
8th - Moonshine Beach - Non-runner.  Yet another lucky escape for the bookmakers.
15th - Norse Dancer - 3rd of 15 at 10/1.  Took the lead in the final half furlong, then lost it again.
22nd - Vindication - 12th of 20.  Ran well for six furlongs, unfortunately the race was over seven.
29th - Najeebon - 16th of 19.  Was struggling from an early stage - just after the stalls opened.

June 2004

5th - Rule Of Law - 2nd of 14 at 20/1.  A good performance as he was last of 14 with half a mile to go.
12th - Danzig River - 9th of 20.  Dwelt in the stalls for so long that the handlers had to push him out.
19th - Corridor Creeper - 24th of 29.  Would definitely have won if he'd been drawn on the other side.
26th - Silver Gilt - Non runner.  A vast improvement on last weeks selection I'm sure you'll agree.

July 2004

3rd - Norse Dancer - 4th of 12.  Looked like getting involved at one point, then thought better of it.
10th - Desert Quest - 11th of 21.  Well named as he ran like a camel, and gave his backers the hump.
17th - Kety Star - Pulled up.  Jumped well, but unfortunately all of the others ran faster than he did.
24th - St Andrews - 5th of 21.  Ran well below par, and finished a fairway behind the winner.
31st - Proud Boast - Unplaced.  Narrowly won a titanic four way battle for 11th place (of 28 runners).

August 2004

7th - Penrith - 20th of 20.  Would have been 16th or 17th if the jockey had ridden him out to the line.
14th - Abbajabba - 8th of 19.  Ran on quite well as the winner was disappearing over the horizon.
21st - Strong Hand - 9th of 13.  Eased down when beaten - that could have been anytime really.
28th - No tip this week due to internet connection problems - bloody computers !!!

September 2004

4th - Monsieur Bond - 5th of 19. He beat One Cool Cat, though that's not really saying much is it.
11th - Lundy's Lane - 7th of 15.  He was last in his two previous races so he's definitely improving.
18th - Continent - 3rd of 24 at 18/1.  Considerable improvement on recent form for me and the horse.
25th - Norse Dancer - 10th of 11.  Just snatched 10th place from the rapidly weakening pacemaker.

October 2004

2nd - Gatwick - 7th of 32.  Finally took off at the furlong pole, though I thought he'd runway better.
9th - Danzig River - 7th of 20.  Ran on well at the end, but unfortunately six others ran on better.
16th - Mirjan - 7th of 34.  Travelled well, looked likely to win until the first six left him behind.
23rd - Peccadillo - 2nd of 9 at 14/1, beaten 3/4 of a length.  Bugger !!!
30th - Supreme Prince - 9th of 14.  Joined the leaders 2 furlongs out, joined the stragglers at the finish.

November 2004

6th - Always Waining - 24th of 24.  Always trailing more like, beaten out of sight and pulled up.
13th - Ollie Magern - 4th of 14.  Led the race right up to the point where the first three went past him.
20th - Another Joker - Well in contention until taking a "fence buggeringly" heavy fall at Bechers.
27th - Puntal - 6th of 14.  Ran well but needed further, about a complete circuit further to be exact.

December 2004

4th - Kingston Town - 15th of 21.  In front and looked sure to win until 14 other horses went past him.
11th - Farmer Jack - Fell 3 fences out.  Despite being under pressure and flat out he was sure to win.
18th - Merchants Friend - Won 8/1.  Three winners in the same calendar year, do I kick arse or what?
26th - Tiutchev - Hopelessly tailed off and pulled up on the first circuit.  Normal service is resumed.

January 2005

1st - Redemption - 2nd of 15 at 15/2.  Put in a rare blunder free round, but still managed to get beaten.
8th - Idole First - 6th of 23.  Stayed on stoutly as the winner was being loaded back into his horsebox.
15th - Mr President - 10th of 21.  A length in front of the hot favourite, but fifteen behind the winner.
22nd - Fortune Island - 10th of 10 finishers.  Completed in his own time having already been lapped.
29th - Korelo - 2nd of 11 at 8/1.  Beaten in a photo finish by a horse with a much longer head.

February 2005

5th - Gallery God - 3rd of 14 at 12/1.  Prominent most of the way until the first two left him stamding.
12th - Escompteur - 21st of 25.  He was so far behind that the runners in the next race caught him up.
19th - Double Honour - 2nd of 11 at 10/1.  Looked sure to win on the run in, but managed not to.
26th - Zaffamore - 9th of 16 at 33/1.  He even had to be pushed along going around the parade ring.

March 2005

5th - Mouseski - 6th of 15.  Not beaten very far but never looked in any danger of actually winning.
12th - McBain - 9th of 19.  I'm not sure how he ran as I backed Medison, so I was watching him.
19th - Toulouse-Lautrec - 2nd of 18 at 7/1.  With a name like that he was bound to get in the frame.
26th - Momtic - 15th of 20.  Might have finished 14th but for interference seven furlongs from home.

April 2005

2nd - Blue Spinnaker - 11th of 22.  I'd like to say he came through with a wet sail, but he didn't.
9th - Colnel  Rayburn - Pulled up on the second circuit.  Just as well I backed Hedgehunter instead.
16th - Stormez - Pulled up.  They've tried a visor, cheekpieces and blinkers.  What next - an eyepatch?
23rd - Iris Bleu - 13th of 19.  Though he was officially last as the other six pulled up or fell over.
30th - Oratorio - 4th of 19.  You know what they say, 4th in the guineas........He's 16/1 - fill yer boots.

May 2005

7th - Mr Cool - Won 33/1.  Unfortunately I took 25/1 in the morning.  B******s.
14th - Arakan - 5th of 8.  After the Lord Mayor's show comes the s**t cart, as the saying goes.
21st - Beaver Patrol - 5th of 16 at 33/1.  Would have been placed if his nose was a bit longer.
28th - Glaramara - 8th of 19.  Held a good position early, then lost it again.  Finished in his own time.

June  2005

4th - Fracas - 4th of 13.  Stays well but wants a flatter track.  Roll on the Northumberland plate then.
11th - Binanti - 6th of 16 at 10/1.  Challenged two furlongs out, but five others delivered better ones.
18th - Colonel Cotton - 11th of 17 at 12/1.  Held up in mid division, and was still there at the finish.
25th - Gold Ring - 9th of 20 at 25/1.  Was in a good position until he started going backwards.

July 2005

2nd - Royal Cavalier - 13th of 15 at 50/1.  Managed to overtake a couple of stragglers near the finish.
9th - I'm So Lucky - 6th of 20 at 16/1.  Couldn't front run as he likes to, got the hump and lost interest.
16th - Moving Earth - Non Runner.  It was a 5 day stage selection as I've been away since Wednesday.
23rd - New Seeker - Won 12/1.  Only two years and one month since my last winning flat racing tip.
30th - Colonel Cotton - 18th of 27.  His losing streak is nearly two years now.  Even I can't top that.

August 2005

6th - Whistler - 16th of 17.  Slowly out of the stalls, and ran the race at approximately the same speed.
13th - Steel Blue - 12th of 23.  Finished 1/2l behind near side leader, but ten lengths behind the winner.
20th - Prince Nureyev - 6th of 13.  Threatened to get involved at the 2f pole, though not at the finish.
27th - Coleorton Dancer - 14th of 20.  The first time blinkers obviously sharpened him up then.

September 2005

3rd - Grampian - 5th of 16.  Had a mountain to climb with top weight, but was still below his peak.
10th - Helm Bank - 11th of 13.  His recent change of stable has clearly done him the world of good.
17th - Merlin's Dancer - 23rd of 27.  Didn't get to the front as he likes to, so went to the back instead.
24th - Psychiatrist - 6th of 18.  Well named as he's been driving his backers mad for the last two years.

October 2005

1st - Star Of Light - 16th of 30.  Or more accurately, out like a light.  Finished in his own time.
8th - Kalambari - 6th of 18.  Looked like being placed with two left to jump until exhaustion set in.
15th - Fortune Island - 21st of 34.  Well in contention until the furlong pole, then went into reverse.
22nd - Castleshane - 9th of 13.  He led for the first half of the race, unfortunately not the second half.
29th - Goodbye Mr Bond - 3rd of 13 at 10/1.  Ran well without ever looking like troubling the winner.

November 2005

5th - Akarem - 2nd of 21 at 33/1.  Not a particularly close second unfortunately, but a pretty good run.
12th - Therealbandit - 13th of 18 (14 finished).  In contention until a realblunder at the tenth fence.
19th - Royal Auclair - 5th of 7.  Only half a length behind the fourth horse, but 20 behind the winner.
26th - All In The Stars - 5th of 19.  Stayed on well but far too late, several serious blunders didn't help.

December 2005

3rd - Verasi - Won 12/1.  That's three this year, 12/1, 12/1 and 33/1.  Pricewise, you're my bitch now!
10th - Patricksnineteenth - Non runner.  If you can't tip a winner, it's the next best thing isn't it.
17th - Distant Thunder - Meeting off due to frost.  Keep backing non runners and you'll never lose.
26th - Baron Windrush - Pulled up on the second circuit.  He ran quite well for the first circuit though.
31st - Pearson Glen - 6th of 10.  Would have won if he'd jumped a lot better and run a lot faster.

January 2006

7th - Handy Money - Pulled up.  My new year's resolution was to stop tipping losers.  B******s.
14th - Shardam - Pulled up.  Hopefully I'll manage to tip one that completes the course next week.
21st - Parsons Legacy - Pulled up.  Alright, this is getting a bit embarrassing.  Maybe next week then.
28th - Fundamentalist - Meeting off due to frost.  An improvement on the last three weeks anyway.

February 2006

4th - Openide - 16th of 18 (the other two pulled up).  Well that's stopped the rot in no uncertain terms.
11th - Arch Rebel - Meeting abandoned due to frost.  Pity, because he was an absolute certainty.
18th - Ossmoses - Won 14/1.  Results for the year so far - PPPO1.  That's consistency for you.
25th - Schuh Shine - Pulled up.  Made the early running, but overall a less than polished performance.

March 2006

4th - Full House - 8th of 15.  For his backers it was more like bleak house.  Never in contention.
11th - Fier Normand - Non runner.  You can lose the money you've just saved at Cheltenham instead.
18th - Victory Gunner - 4th of 18 at 25/1.  Not a bad run, but never in any danger of actually winning.
25th - Zero Tolerance - 4th of 30 at 14/1.  Looked the likely winner until three horses overtook him.

April 2006

1st - Hazeljack - Won 6/1.  Not a great price but an easy winner.  That's 2 this year and it's only April.
8th - Joes Edge - 7th of 9 finishers.  So 7th of 40, or 3rd from last, depending on how you look at it.
15th - Kandidate - Won 20/1.  Bugger me, three this year already.  I'll have to start charging you soon.
22nd - Korelo - Pulled up.  Or then again, maybe I should be charged with impersonating a tipster.
29th - Puntal - 10th of 18.  Just managed to get round before the jumps season ended at midnight.

May 2006

6th - Senorita Rumbalita - 16th of 21.  Always behind, beaten forty lengths.  Obviously unlucky then.
13th - Spanish Don - 15th of 17.  Presumably the Don is short for Donkey.  Beaten out of sight.
20th - New Seeker - 8th of 9.  The others only let him lead early so he'd shelter them from the wind.
27th - Commando Scott - 8th of 20.  Raced in mid division, but was still there at the end unfortunately.

June 2006

3rd - Dylan Thomas - 3rd of 18 at 25/1.  So near yet so far, just as well I backed Sir Percy instead.
10th - Mirjan - 4th of 11.  Ran well without damaging his handicap mark for the Northumberland Plate.
17th - Mr Sandicliffe - 12th of 18.  Briefly threatened to deliver a challenge, but unfortunately didn't.
24th - Peace Offering - 14th of 28.  Held up in rear, managed to pick off a few stragglers at the end.

July 2006

1st - Mirjan - 8th of 20. Badly drawn and didn't like the ground.  That was a good tip wasn't it.
8th - Dunaskin - 15th of 16.  Wanted to go faster at the start, incapable of going faster at the finish.
15th - Chantaco - 5th of 20.  Would definitely have won if the first four hadn't finished in front of him.
22nd - Duke Of Buckingham - Non runner.  Without a doubt my least expensive tip for three months.
29th - Uhoomagoo - 2nd of 20 at 16/1.  I'm glad he didn't win though as I backed Dabbers Ridge.

August 2006

5th - Excusez Moi - 4th of 27 at 12/1.  Ran quite well, but the Group 1 entry looks a bit optimistic.
12th - Kamanda Laugh - Non runner.  If I could tip 52 of those a year you'd never lose any money.
19th - Mr Wolf - 5th of 19.  Led for most of the race, but was swallowed up by the pack a furlong out.
26th - Blue Bajan - 4th of 17 at 9/1.  Looked like he might deliver a challenge 2f out, but then didn't.

September 2006

2nd - Castle Howard - 13th of 13 btn 60 lengths.  Allegedly acts well in testing ground, just not today.
9th - Texas Gold - 4th of 19 at 22/1.  Encountered some traffic problems, but still wouldn't have won.
16th - Skhilling Spirit - 12th of 23.  You think that's bad, the one that I backed finished eighteenth.
23rd - Compton's Eleven - 7th of 18.  Not beaten all that far, but never looked remotely like winning.
30th - Illustrious Blue - 9th of 33.  He ran so well that the commentator didn't even mention him once.

October 2006

7th - Out After Dark - 3rd of 18 at 10/1.  Looked in serious danger of actually winning at one point.
14th - Don't Call Me Derek - 15th of 31.  After that effort, I'd call him something worse than Derek.
21st - Foxhaven - 9th of 11.  Had the best draw, though it didn't do him a lot of good unfortunately.
28th - Audience - 7th of 15.  A bad draw didn't help, though not running very fast didn't help either.

November  2006

4th - Resonate - 2nd of 20.  A length and a quarter from a bookie buggering 20/1 winner.  B******s.
11th - Exotic Dancer - Won 16/1.  Only seven months since the last one, is that impressive or what?
18th - Ollie Magern - 4th of 6.  Beaten out of sight by the winner, but at least he got round this time.
25th - Vodka Bleu - Pulled up.  Look quite promising entering the straight, then his stamina ran out.

December 2006

2nd - Heathcote - 7th of 17.  Ran well right up to the point the first six went past and left him standing.
9th - Cerium - 9th of 12.  42 lengths behind a horse he beat last time.  That's consistency for you.
16th - Pirate Flagship - 7th of 20. Didn't run badly, but all at sea on the ground and sunk without trace. 23rd - Carlys Quest - 3rd of 8.  Totally outpaced but finished well, as the first 2 were being unsaddled.
30th - Royal Emperor - 2nd of 5. Backed from 7/1 to 7/2, obviously both my readers filled their boots.

January 2007

6th - Iron Man - 4th of 12.  Ran quite well until metal fatigue set in during the last couple of furlongs.
13th - Baron Windrush - 5th of 13. He's improving, he didn't complete the course in his last five races.
20th - Almost Broke - 5th of 11.  A well named horse for anyone who follows my tipping regularly.
27th - Pancake - 5th of 8.  Probably ran a bit flat. Mind you, I only tipped him so I could use that joke.

February 2007

3rd - Napolitain - Fell.  Had jumped superbly on his two previous visits to Sandown, not today though.
10th - Mister Hight - 5th of 20.  Did well to finish as close as that after some serious traffic problems.
17th - Mon Mome - 3rd of 16 at 12/1.  Looked likely to win entering the straight, but managed not to.
24th - Simon - Won 11/2.  Not a very good price, but you can blame the five non runners for that.

March 2007

3rd - No Full - 3rd of 11 at 7/1.  Beaten 8 lengths, would have won but for his jockey's 1lb overweight.
10th - Flying Falcon - 2nd of 17 at 9/1. Well beaten by the winner, just as well I backed him instead.
17th - Garryvoe - Pulled up.  Made mistakes, never travelled and tailed off.  Top tipping or what?
24th - Kenzo III - 3rd of 17 at 16/1.  Led for most of the race, got left behind, and then ran on again.
31st - Audience - 6th of 20.  Would definitely have won if he hadn't been hampered 7f from home.

April 2007

7th - Lord Baskerville - 6th of 19.  Only 2 1/2 lengths from being placed.  Not bad for a 40/1 chance.
14th - Ballycassidy - Fell at the 24th.  At least he's consistent, that's roughly where he fell last year.
21st - Hot Weld - Won 14/1.  Only eight weeks since the last one, that's a hot streak by my standards.
28th - Zabenz - 5th of 10.  Ploughed through the last fence when challenging for the lead.  B******s.

May 2007

5th - Duke Of Marmalade - 4th of 24 at 14/1.  With a name like that, a spread bet was a better option.
12th - Eisteddfod - 27th of 28.  Clearly not at concert pitch today.  At least he managed to beat one.
19th - Shabernak - 13th of 20.  Was prominent for the early part of the race, then went backwards.
26th - Voodoo Moon - 4th of 13.  He's appropriately named as I selected him by sticking a pin in.

June 2007

2nd - Eagle Mountain - 2nd of 17.  Would have won impressively if Authorized had been a non runner.
9th - Portmeirion - 11th of 15. I only tipped him so that I could do a "Prisoner" joke if he got boxed in.
16th - Bahiano - 7th of 11.  He's only ever won twice, in Feb 04 and Feb 06. Fill your boots in Feb 08.
23rd - Ripples Maid - 25th of 26. At least she didn't come last, as that would have been embarrassing.
30th - Dr Sharp - 9th of 20.  Beaten out of sight.  Luckily I backed Juniper Girl (who won) instead.

July 2007

7th - Unshakable - 3rd of 17 at 14/1.  Shame that he didn't get going until the winner was uncatchable.
14th - Emirates Skyline - Non runner.  Apart from the crap draw and wrong ground he was nailed on.
21st - Bleu Superbe - Pulled up.  He hadn't run for eighteen months, so he probably just bleu up.
28th - Giganticus - 4th of 27 at 11/1.  Ran pretty well without ever looking in danger of winning.

August 2007

4th - Viking Spirit - 18th of 27.  Might have finished 17th if he hadn't hung right when under pressure.
11th - Luberon - 10th of 11. Previous 3 runs - 17th of 17, 8th of 8, 16th of 17. At least he's consistent.
18th - Malcheek - 4th of 22.  Would definitely have won if the first three hadn't run faster than him.
25th - Wyatt Earp - 4th of 14.  Emerged from the posse to challenge, but outgunned in the last furlong.

September 2007

1st - Out After Dark - 15th of 15.  Well named, because if he'd finished any later he would have been.
8th - Inchnadamph - 12th of 15.  A vast improvement on last week's tip, not saying much admittedly.
15th - One More Round - 11th of 21.  Might have finished closer if he hadn't been asleep in the stalls.
22nd - Masta Plasta - 9th of 28.  You think that's bad, I backed Knot In Wood, he finished 23rd.
29th - Viking Spirit - 13th of 23.  He's improving, he finished eighteenth the last time I tipped him.

October 2007

6th - Greek Well - 20th of 34.  Would definitely have won if his jockey hadn't put up 2lb overweight.
13th - St Savarin - 2nd of 17 at 20/1.  Leading a few yards from the line, beaten a short head.  Bugger.
20th - Raslan - 23rd of 33.  He beat one of the co-favourites, unfortunately 22 other horses did too.
27th - Lord Baskerville - 7th of 12.  Led briefly on the home turn, that's as good as it got unfortunately.

November 2007

3rd - Special Envoy - 8th of 16.  Led for most of the way until seven other horses went past him.
10th - John Terry - 12th of 21.  2007 flat season results -  26 losers from 26 tips.  Consistent or what?
17th - Knowhere - 3rd of 20 at 10/1.  With two fences to jump it looked like he'd live up to his name.
24th - Millenium Royal - Won 20/1.  A bit lucky, but after a 7 month losing streak I'm not complaining.

December 2007

1st - Dream Alliance - 2nd of 18 at 16/1. No chance with the winner, but beat the other 16 out of sight.
8th - Pace Shot - 12th of 13.  Held up in rear, then made a backward move with three left to jump.
15th - Idole First - 7th of 16.  Well at least he got round, the first and second favourites didn't.
22nd - Alsadaa - 2nd of 17 at 20/1.  Beaten only a length, just as well I backed Jack The Giant instead.
29th - Mr Ed - 2nd of 9 at 20/1.  I only tipped him so that I could deliver the "Talking Horse" joke.

January 2008

5th - European Dream - 2nd of 13 at 9/1. Beaten a length, that's 3 seconds in a row, maybe next week.
12th - Strong Resolve - 5th of 13.  Ran well for a circuit, but didn't live up to his name on the 2nd one.
19th - Flintoff - Meeting abandoned due to waterlogging.  Or more appropriately, rain stopped play.
26th - Brooklyn Brownie - 9th of 20.  Didn't run too badly, but never looked like winning either.

February 2008

2nd - Tighten Your Belt - Ironically named as he was disqualified from 4th for weighing in too light.
9th - Whispered Promises - 15th of 24.  Was still leading with 3 to jump, then 14 horses went past him. 16th - Pocket Aces - 14th of 18.  Held up at the back, but unfortunately he was still there at the finish.
23rd - Another Rum - Pulled up when tailed off.  At least it spared him the indignity of being lapped.

March 2008

1st - Tango Royal - Won 16/1.  Only three months since my last winner, my strike rate's improving.
8th - Mexican Bob - 21st of 22.  He would have been last but for a faller at the first hurdle.
15th - L'Aventure - 8th of 16.  Though 7 of the 8 that were behind her failed to complete the course.
22nd - Fajr - 18th of 21.  Ran very quickly for the first six furlongs, then very slowly for the last two.
29th - Pinch Of Salt - 7th of 14.  Never looked much like winning, lucky I backed Philatelist instead.

April 2008

5th - Dun Doire - Pulled Up.  He was pulled up last year, so the first time blinkers did the trick then.
12th - Northern Fling - Won 20/1.  Only 2 years and 9 months since my last winning flat racing tip.
19th - Openide - 8th of 24.  Ran on strongly as the runners were coming out for the next race.
26th - Lothian Falcon - 5th of 19.  I was hoping to say he had come with a late swoop, but he didn't.

May 2008

3rd - Perfect Stride - 12th of 15.  Pulled so hard early in the race that he was knackered by halfway.
10th - Dabbers Ridge - 21st of 22.  The only one he beat unseated his jockey coming out of the stalls.
17th - Astronomer Royal - 11th of 11.  Well named as you needed a telescope to spot him at the end.
24th - Judd Street - 7th of 12.  He beat the favourite, but unfortunately most of the others did too.
31st - Siren's Gift - 5th of 18.  Won the race on the far side, but the first four came up the middle.

June 2008

7th - Frozen Fire - 11th of 16.  Like most of my Derby tips, probably needs two miles (and 8 hurdles).
14th - Striking Spirit - 16th of 19.  Well backed before the race, well out the back at the end of it.
21st - Beaver Patrol - 2nd of 27 at 16/1.  That's my fifth big priced near miss this week - B******s.
28th - Tilt - 11th of 18.  Not far behind the winner, unfortunately there were 9 horses between them.

July 2008

5th - Record Breaker - 9th of 14.  You think that's bad, I backed Greek Envoy, who finished 12th.
12th - Extraterrestrial - 10th of 16.  I'd like to say his performance was out of this world, but it wasn't.
19th - Brooklyn Brownie - 2nd of 16 at 7/1.  Looked like winning with 2 to jump, but managed not to.
26th - Hitchens - 17th of 25.  Was hampered a furlong out, though he was going backwards at the time.

August 2008

2nd - Buachaill Dona - 10th of 26.  I also backed Bentong, he didn't even come out of the stalls.
9th - South Cape - 10th of 11.  Luckily there were six non runners, or he would have been sixteenth.
16th - Balkan Knight - 7th of 10.  Delivered a promising run 2f out, unfortunately it didn't last long.
23rd - Pearly Wey - 6th of 17.  He had the first 3 in the betting behind him, but 5 others in front.
30th - Australia Day - 7th of 15.  Led early but couldn't stay there, luckily I backed the winner instead.

September 2008

6th - Willow Dancer - 8th of 16.  One paced from 2f out, though not a very fast pace unfortunately.
13th - River Falcon - 2nd of 21 at 14/1.  Came with a late swoop, but beaten a short head.  B******s.
20th - River Falcon - 10th of 27.  He's not entered for anything next Saturday, thank goodness for that.
27th - Underworld - 16th of 29.  He had the best draw, but that's only a help if you run fast enough.

October 2008

4th - Fifteen Love - 25th of 28.  His high draw didn't serve as an advantage, beaten out of sight.
11th - Drill Sergeant - 3rd of 19 at 22/1.  Led all the way until getting mugged a few strides from home.
18th - Bogside Theatre - 27th 0f 32. Was still leading 3 out, but then 26 other horses overtook him.
25th - Aegean Dancer - 16th of 20.  Dwelt in the stalls, and was knackered by the time he caught up.

November 2008

1st - King's Revenge - 2nd of 15 at 16/1.  Came with a good run, though not as good as the winner's.
8th - Hits Only Vic - 5th of 21.  1 winner from 29 tips.  Another vintage flat season for Ivor Donkey.
15th - Stan - Pulled up when well behind.  Fortunately I backed Imperial Commander instead.
22nd - Souffleur - 2nd of 15 at 25/1.  Sounds good, but he was closer to coming sixth than winning.
29th - High Chimes - 6th of 15.  Looks like he wants further.  Fill your boots for the Welsh National.

December 2008

6th - King's Revenge - 8th of 12.  He might have been seventh if he hadn't clouted the last two hurdles.
13th - Private Be - Meeting abandoned.  Pity, he acts on heavy ground so definitely would have won.
20th - Alsadaa - 16th of 20.  Prominent for most of the race, then made a decisive backwards move.
27th - Darkness - Pulled up when hopelessly tailed off.  Always nice to end the year on a high note.

January 2009

3rd -  Thunder Rock – Meeting abandoned due to frost.
10th -  Torquemada - 5th of 13.  Well named as it was torture for anyone that had money on him.
17th -  Palarshan - 7th of 17.  Definitely would have won if he hadn't been hampered at the first fence.
24th -  Joe Lively - Won  11/1.  It's only been nine months since my last winning tip, it could be worse.
31st -  Jaunty Journey - 9th of 14.  Led at the start of the race, but nowhere to be seen at the end.

February 2009

7th - Over The Flow - Unseated at the last hurdle as the runners were coming out for the next race.
14th - Carnival Town - Pulled up.  Hopefully I'll tip one that completes the course one of these weeks.
21st - Fleet Street - 14th of 20.  I only tipped him because I thought he had a good chance on paper.
28th - Idle Talk - 3rd of 8 at 15/2.  He got placed, but he was nearer to the 7th horse than the winner.

March 2009

7th - Prince Taime - 3rd of 19 at 8/1.  Tipped by Pricewise as well, he obviously reads this website.
14th - Flintoff - 8th of 15 at 14/1.  Jumped the last in front, but was run out of it in the closing stages.
21st - Antonius Caesar - 6th of 11.  He went off joint favourite, but it didn't make him run any faster.
28th - Benandonner - 11th of 20.  One paced for the final 2f, unfortunately not a particularly fast pace.

April  2009

4th - Kilbeggan Blade - I think he fell, but he was so far behind he was out of range of the TV cameras.
11th - Crozan - 3rd of 11 at 11/1.  He hasn't won for three and a half years, that's even worse than me.
18th - Brooklyn Brownie - 10th of 17.  Or last of ten finishers, depending on how you look at it.
25th - Briery Fox - 2nd of 14 at 11/1.  Led jumping the last, caught in the shadow of the post.  Bugger.

May 2009

2nd - Fat Boy - 15th of 16. Lived up to his name, coughed and wheezed his way home in his own time.
9th - Dishdasha - 9th of 24.  He beat the favourite, but unfortunately eight others beat him by further.
16th - River Captain - 6th of 12.  I only tipped him so that I could do a joke about him being a steamer.
23rd - Hogmaneigh - 6th of 9.  Appropriately named as he ran as if he was suffering from a hangover.
30th - Peak District - 2nd of 14 at 9/1.  Led for most of the way, beaten a neck.  B******s.

June 2009

6th - Cake - 10th of 18.  Should have been able to get in the mix, but failed to rise to the occasion.
13th - Definightly - 11th of 20.  It's only 14 months since my last winning flat race tip, could be worse.
20th - Nota Bene - 16th of 26.  The first 3 were drawn 28, 27 and 25, pity he raced up the stands side.
27th - Som Tala - Won 16/1.  Only five months since my last winner, a hot streak by my standards.

July 2009

4th - Mezzanisi - 3rd of 15 at 9/1.  Pulled hard early and met traffic in the straight.  Maybe next time.
11th - Deep Winter - 11th of 18.  Well named as a winter hurdles campaign beckons after this effort.
18th - Postmaster - Pulled up when tailed off.  A good stamp of a horse, but failed to deliver.
25th - Stubbs Art - 16th of 21.  With a name like that he should have been able to get in the frame.

August 2009

1st - Biniou - 9th of 26.  Backed into joint favouritism, unfortunately it didn't make him run any faster.
8th - Ilie Nastase - 7th of 15.  Tried to serve it up in the last furlong, but the winner couldn't be court.
15th - Joseph Henry - 9th of 17.  Led for the first four furlongs, less said about the last two the better.
22nd - Night Crescendo - 15th of 16.  It could have been worse, he was only a nose from coming last.
29th - Desperate Dan - 11th of 16.  Would have won if his jockey hadn't put up 2lb overweight.

September 2009

5th - Asset - 6th of 14.  An appropriate way to celebrate this website's tenth birthday - with a loser.
12th - Group Therapy - 21st of 22.  He beat one of the joint favourites, but so did everybody else.
19th - Everymanforhimself - 16th of 26.  Would definitely have won if he'd been drawn low.
26th - Giganticus - 5th of 28.  Would definitely have won if he hadn't suffered traffic problems.

October 2009

3rd - Docofthebay - 30th of 32.  Would have won if he'd been drawn high (and started yesterday).
10th - Rangefinder - 11th of 19.  He beat the favourite, unfortunately ten others beat him by further.
17th - Royal Rationale - 17th of 32.  Even pricewise tipped him, didn't make him run faster though.
24th - Elusive Dream - 10th of 14.  Technically he finished last, as the other four didn't get round.
31st - Dark Energy - 12th of 12.  Finished just before the runners for the next race left the paddock.

November 2009

7th - Magicalmysterytour - 13th of 23.  Well named as he didn't seem to know where he was going.
14th - Bible Lord - Non Runner.  Withdrawn at start on veterinary advice.  Luckily for the bookies.
21st - Daldini - 10th of 11.  Reverse hold up tactics, led until the last half mile, then went backwards.
28th - Gone To Lunch - 5th of 19.  Ran well without ever threatening to actually win the race.

December 2009

5th - Mahogany Blaze - 5th of 5.  One place behind the favourite, but fifty lengths behind the winner.
12th - From Dawn To Dusk - 8th of 17.  He won the best turned out award, that's better than nothing.
19th - The Vicar - Meeting abandoned due to frost. Never mind, he didn't have a prayer anyway.
26th - Shore Thing - Pulled up.  An appropriate way to end yet another outstanding year of tipping.

January 2010

2nd - The Vicar - Meeting abandoned due to frost.  You'll never lose if I keep tipping non runners.
9th - Eisteddfod - 12th of 13.  Reluctant to enter the stalls, it's a shame he bothered to come out again.
16th - Chief Yeoman - Pulled up three from home when hopelessly tailed off, so he nearly got round.
23rd - Mr Strachan - 9th of 12.  He eventually completed the course, so an improvement on last week.
30th - Kicks For Free - Meeting abandoned due to frost.  Less expensive than my previous three tips.

February 2010

6th - Lennon - 6th of 15.  Pity this week's meeting wasn't abandoned due to frost as well.
13th - Frontier Dancer - Fell two hurdles from the finish as all of the others were overtaking him.
20th - L'Aventure - 5th of 14.  My best result of the year so far, that's not saying much admittedly.
27th - Razor Royale - Won 11/1 despite nearly falling at the last.  A bit of a close shave then.

March 2010

6th - Mill Side - 9th of 14.  Struggled round in his own time, normal service is resumed.
13th - Border Castle - Pulled up.  Only two to jump when he pulled up, so he nearly got round.
20th - Ballydub - Fell at the second fence.  He jumped the first fence quite well though.
27th - I'moncloudnine - 8th of 14.  I'm in cloud cuckoo land more like, beaten out of sight.

April 2010

3rd - Mister McGoldrick - 3rd of 10 at 16/1.  A vast improvement on last week's tip at least.
10th - Irish Raptor - Fell.  At least he fell in front of the stands, so his jockey didn't have to walk far.
17th - Out The Black - 6th of 30.  At least he completed the course, 23 of the others didn't.
24th - Hoo La Baloo - 2nd of 19 at 14/1.  Best performance for some time from me and the horse.

May 2010

1st - Fencing Master - 7th of 19.  I was hoping he'd finish with a rapier like thrust, but he didn't.
8th - Aather - 12th of 23.  Held up towards the rear, but was still there at the finish unfortunately.
15th - Dromore - 12th of 15.  Like last week's tip, he had 11 horses in front of him, just less behind.
22nd - Mark Twain - 9th of 16.  I'm steadily improving, at this rate I'll have a winner by November.
29th - Take Ten - 10th of 17.  ......Probably not this November though, beaten out of sight.

June 2010

5th - City Dancer - 6th of 19.  Gave away more ground at the start than he was beaten by at the end.
12th – Nosedive - 7th of 20.  Seems to need a bit further than 6 furlongs.  Queen Alexandra Stakes ?
19th - Striking Spirit - 2nd of 27 at 16/1.  Was in front with a furlong to go.  B******s.
26th - Crackentorp - 12th of 19.  Well drawn, well fancied, well backed, and well and truly stuffed.

July 2010

3rd - Thin Red Line - 12th of 14.  In touch with the leaders early, hopelessly out of touch at the end.
10th - Demolition - 3rd of 19 at 9/1.  Would have won if the stewards had disqualified the first two.
17th - War Of The World - Pulled up.  Was backed into joint favourite, pity nobody told the horse.
24th - Mac's Power - 18th of 21.  At least he's consistent, he was beaten out of sight last time as well.
31st - Parisian Pyramid - 20th of 28.  He beat the favourite, unfortunately 19 others did it quicker.

August 2010

7th - Porgy - 4th of 15 at 10/1.  Named after a cripple, unfortunately he ran like one in the last furlong.
14th - Quest For Success - 5th of 17 at 28/1.  Won the race on the near side, just not the overall race.
21st - Submariner - 15th of 15.  Prominent for the first mile, but eventually sunk without trace.
28th - Leviathan - 6th of 15.  Named after a sea monster, and apparently he runs like one as well.

September 2010

4th - Becausewecan - 13th of 16.  Reverse hold up tactics, prominent early, and then went backwards.
11th - Judge 'n Jury - 18th of 22.  At least he managed to beat one more horse than last week's tip.
18th - Damien - 10th of 27.  His high draw looked a good omen, but it turned into a horror show.
25th - St Moritz - 20th of 28.  Prominent for the first few furlongs, but it was all downhill after that.

October 2010

2nd - Credit Swap - Won 14/1.  He's had more races this week (3) than I've tipped winners this year.
9th - Knot In Wood - 14th of 20.  Normal service is resumed after last week's unexpected blip.
16th - Aaim To Prosper - Won 16/1.  Three winners in the same year, and it's still only October.
23rd - Arganil - Tailed off and pulled up.  Not unusual in a three mile chase, but this was a 5f sprint.
30th - Silmi - 12th of 13.  Technically he was last as the thirteenth horse had already been pulled up.

November 2010

6th - Sirvino - 12th of 22.  Better than last week's tip, as this one actually managed to beat a few.
13th - Pigeon Island - 9th of 18.  Made some late headway as the winner was being unsaddled.
20th - Restless Harry - 3rd of 8 at 9/1.  Same as last week, stayed on after the winner was long gone.
27th - Taranis - 7th of 18.  At least he got round, which is more than eight of the others managed.

December 2010

4th - Watchmaker - 6th of 9.  Clearly not fully wound up as he appeared to be several seconds slow.
11th - Calgary Bay - 4th of 16.  Tipped as best longshot in the Racing Rost, pity nobody told the horse.
18th - New Den - Lingfield abandoned due to heavy snow.  Thank goodness for all weather racing.
26th - Good Old Days - Meeting abandoned due to frozen course.  A lucky escape for the bookies.

January 2011

1st - Hey Big Spender - 8th of 15.  Might as well start the new year as I mean to go on.
8th - Magic Sky - Pulled up when hopelessly tailed off.  He got most of the way round though.
15th - Drill Sergeant - 8th of 19.  Was fronk rank until two hurdles from home, then did an about turn.
22nd - Kalahari King - 4th of 9.  Lost all chance when badly hampered by a faller.  Maybe next time.
29th - Wogan - Meeting abandoned due to frost.  A definite improvement on last week's tip at least.

February 2011

5th - Eric's Charm - Won 20/1.  The first winner of the year already, hope I haven't peaked too soon.
12th - Tarkari - Non runner.  Mind you, all of the others were as well as the meeting was abandoned.
19th - Ballyfitz - 2nd of 14 at 14/1.  Or second of four finishers, as nine pulled up and one fell over.
26th - Safari Adventures - Pulled up.  Led for the first circuit, fared rather less well on the second one.

March 2011

5th - Fine Parchment - Won 12/1.  I thought it looked as though he had a good chance on paper.
12th - Tito Bustillo - 19th of 24.  After the Lord Mayor's show comes the s**t cart, as they say.
19th - Toby Jug - Pulled up.  Appropriately named as you'd have to be a mug to put money on him.
26th - Briery Fox - 7th of 9.  Jumped badly and hopelessly tailed off, room for improvement then.

April 2011

2nd - Our Joe Mac - 11th of 21.  Might as well start the new flat turf season as we mean to go on.
9th - Big Fella Thanks - 7th of 40.  Ran well for four miles, went up and down on the spot after that.
16th - Ballyfitz - Pulled up.  His jockey finally admitted defeat just as the others were about to lap him.
23rd - Briery Fox - 7th of 18.  Or seventh of eight finishers as the other ten didn't complete the course.
30th - Brick Red - 10th of 19.  With a name like that you'd have been better off laying him anyway.

May 2011

7th - Ballybriggan - 11th of 22.  He beat the favourite, though ten others did it quicker than he did.
14th - Oil Strike - 7th of 18.  Met a few traffic problems, he might have finished sixth otherwise.
21st - Masamah - Won 8/1.  I average 3 winners a year, and that's number 3.  That's it until 2012 then.
28th - Yojimbo - 11th of 12.  I was hoping to say that he'd put them all to the sword, but he didn't.

June 2011

4th - Strike Up The Band - 16th of 16.  Beaten out of sight.  Obviously not up to concert pitch today.
11th - Dozy Joe - 11th of 20.  Lived up to his name at the start of the race, but did finish eventually.
18th - Waffle - 2nd of 25 at 12/1.  He came within a neck of giving the bookies a good battering.
25th - Deauville Flyer - 3rd of 19 at 8/1.  Fifth last year, third this year, so he should win it next year.

July 2011

2nd - Duster - 5th of 17.  I was hoping to say that he'd polished off the opposition, but he didn't.
9th - Kay Gee Be - 6th of 19.  It looked promising two furlongs from home, then his stamina ran out.
16th - Grand Slam Hero - Won the race last year, pulled up early this year.  That's consistency for you.
23rd - Kingscroft - 22nd of 23.  Look on the bright side, at least he managed to beat one of them.
30th - High Standing - 27th of 27.  There is no bright side this week, as he didn't beat any of them.

August 2011

6th - Resurge - 6th of 15.  An improvement on my last two efforts, that's not saying much admittedly.
13th - Colonel Mak - 6th of 19.  The first 3 were drawn 17, 20 and 19.  Pity I picked one drawn low.
20th - Fox Hunt - 6th of 20.  Beaten 3 1/2 lengths, gave away more than that by racing wide.
27th - Citrus  Star - 15th of 15.  Probably would have done better with more juice in the ground.

September 2011

3rd - Nave - 13th of 16. He finished in front of his two stablemates, but that's about as good as it got. 
10th - Secret Witness - 10th of 21.  Hampered 1f out, though he was going backwards at the time.
17th - Darajaat - 24th of 26.  Well, at least it's a nice easy race next Saturday - The Cambridgeshire.
24th - Proponent - 3rd of 32 at 14/1.  He was ninth last year, so he should definitely win it next year.

October 2011

1st - Secret Witness - 6th of 16.  He managed to beat one more horse than the last time I tipped him.
8th - Big Occasion - 25th of 33.  He might be called Big Occasion, but unfortunately he didn't rise to it.
15th - Fine Parchment - Non runner.  If you can't back winners, non runners are the next best thing.
22nd - Filbert - 8th of 18.  Appropriately named as you would have to be nuts to put money on him.
29th - The Last Derby - 6th of 17.  He was 6th of 14 last time, so arguably an improved performance.

November 2011

5th - Oceanway - 13th of 23.  Treading water from 3 furlongs out, and eventually sank without a trace.
12th - Quantitativeeasing - 2nd of 20 at 20/1.  Wish I'd backed him each way now.  B******s.
19th - E Major - 12th of 20.  Obviously not at concert pitch today.  He did beat the favourite though.
26th - Planet Of Sound - 2nd of 18 at 14/1.  Took the lead four out and looked sure to win, but didn't.

December 2011

3rd - No Panic - Pulled up.  There was certainly no panic for any of the bookies that laid him at 22/1.
10th - I'msingingtheblues - 4th of 16 at 25/1.  Never appeared in any danger of actually winning though.
17th - Act Of Kalanisi - 6th of 16.  Looked sure to be involved in the finish with 2 to jump, but wasn't.
26th - No tip due to computer problems.  The one that I planned to tip was a non runner anyway.
31st - Leading Contender - 3rd of 8 at 6/1.  Possibly the most inappropriately named horse in training.

January 2012

7th - Heathcote - 11th of 14.  He's improving, that's the first time in 4 races that he's beaten anything.
14th - Miko De Beauchene - 8th of 13.  Eventually managed to complete the course in his own time.
21st - Tatanen - Won 8/1.  He only wins about once a year.  Mind you, people in glass houses.........
28th - Tartak - 10th of 10.  .........Shouldn't throw stones.  After the Lord Mayor's show, as they say.

February 2012

4th - Levitate - 9th of 10.  I thought that he might rise to the occasion, but unfortunately he didn't.
11th - Tara Royal - Won  11/2.  That's a winner a month so far this year.  Bet I can't keep that up.
18th - Cape Tribulation - 4th of 19 at 22/1.  Briefly looked like winning turning into the home straight.
25th - Mount Oscar - 5th of 10.  He finished in front of the favourite, but then so did everybody else.

March 2012

3rd - Mad Max - Non runner.  Maybe I should tip 52 non runners a year, they're better than losers.
10th - Celtus - 15th of 24.  Beaten 32 lengths, he was beaten 33 lengths last time, so he's improving.
17th - Honourable Arthur - Pulled up.  He was the first one to be pulled up, so technically he was last.
24th - Heather Royal - 2nd of 14 at 8/1.  Should have got it in the stewards room, not that I'm biased.
31st - Light From Mars - 18th of 22.  Beaten out of sight, a good solid start to the new turf flat season.

April 2012

7th - Mohayer - Pulled up.  Pulled up for the third time on the trot, he's consistent if nothing else.
14th - Postmaster - Pulled up.  He looked a good stamp of a horse, unfortunately not a first class one.
21st - Fruity O'Rooney - 5th of 24 at 16/1.  It was looking quite promising until his stamina gave out.
28th - Viking Blond - Pulled up.  He fell at the first fence last time, so a much improved performance.

May  2012

5th - Boomerang Bob - 13th of 18.  Went down to post well, but I expected him to come back better.
12th - White Frost - 16th of 24.  Drawn low, raced far side, then hung left. So much for a straight mile.
19th - Top Cop - 3rd of 16.  Beaten in a three way photo, all in all quite an arresting performance.
26th - Switzerland - 3rd of 13 at 14/1.  It was all going like clockwork until the final furlong.

June 2012

2nd - Bear Behind - 19th of 20.  Miles behind would be more accurate, despite having the best draw.
9th - Campanology - 8th of 15.  He certainly didn't go like the clappers, but he may have been a ringer.
16th - Boris Grigoriev - 4th of 17 at 40/1.  With a name like that he couldn't fail to get in the frame.
23rd - Gramercy - 20th of 28.  He beat eight horses, he didn't even beat the ambulance last time.
30th - Icon Dream - 3rd of 16 at 20/1.  Looked likely to win two furlongs out, but managed not to.

July 2012

7th - Hurricane Higgins - 8th of 15.  Might have made the frame if he hadn't got trapped in a pocket.
14th - Take It To The Max - 12th of 18.  In touch until making a backward move two furlongs out.
21st - Brae Hill - 15th of 27.  He was leading two furlongs out, then fourteen horses overtook him.
28th - Chunky Diamond - 15th of 20.  He was clearly unable to cut it today, and failed to sparkle.

August 2012

4th - Head Of Steam - 27th of 27.  I was hoping to say that he finished like a train, but he didn't.
11th - Bernie The Bolt - 6th of 10.  Appropriately named as you would have to be nuts to back him.
18th - Regal Parade - 9th of 20.  Drawn on the wrong side, not running very fast didn't help either.
25th - Steps To Freedom - 6th of 19.  Looks like he needs two miles, and probably eight hurdles too.

September 2012

1st - Licence To Till - 5th of 16.  That takes the running total to -100.  A personal best (or worst).
8th - Ultimate - 12th of 13.  He nearly lived up to his name as he was the penultimate horse to finish.
15th - Bajan Tryst - 14th of 20.  Held up in rear early, but stayed there when he wasn't being held up.
22nd - Rodrigo De Torres - 25th of 26.  At least it's a much easier race next week, the Cambridgeshire.
29th - Levitate - 27th of 33.  I was hoping to say that he'd risen to the occasion, but he didn't.

October 2012

6th - Cape Classic - 6th of 14. Looks like he could win a classic, maybe the Mongolian 2000 Guineas.
13th - Martial Law - 9th of 32.  Still a month of the flat season to go, plenty of time to tip a winner.
20th - Mad Moose - Refused to race.  I'll try and tip one that actually consents to start next week.
27th - Secret Witness - 14th of 21.  He's improving, he came 16th of 19 when he ran here yesterday.

November 2012

3rd - Street Entertainer - 5th of 15.  Well named as you'll end up busking if you back him very often.
10th - Art History - 23rd of 23.  I was hoping he'd experience a renaissance, unfortunately he didn't.
17th - Divers - Non runner.  With a name like that you'd think he'd be able to cope with soft ground.
24th - Mr Moonshine - 6th of 15.  Looked promising for a while, but was eclipsed in the home straight.

December 2012

1st - Duke Of Lucca - 11th of 19.  Out of lucca more like, completed the course in his own time.
8th - Mumbles Head - Fell at the first fence when bang in contention for last place.
15th - De Boitron - Non runner.  He ran at Doncaster instead, and he didn't win there either.
22nd - Double Ross - 4th of 21 at 14/1.  Led until making a decisive backward move with 2 to jump.
29th - Mark The Book - Pulled up.  One horse was pulled up before him, so at least he wasn't last.

January 2013

5th - Master Overseer - Hopelessly tailed off and pulled up.  A good solid start to the new year.
12th - Flying Award - 4th of 13. 35 lengths from winning, but only 22 lengths from finishing last.
19th - Nazreef - Meeting abandoned due to snow.  Definitely my least expensive tip of the year so far.
26th - Fruity O'Rooney - 2nd of 16 at 12/1.  He came 20th last time he ran here, so he's improving. 

February 2013

2nd - Lord Singer - 2nd of 9 at 8/1.  Looked like he might win with two to jump, but managed not to.
9th - Swing Bowler - 3rd of 21 at 8/1.  Followed on at medium pace after being run out of it two out.
16th - Viking Blond - 5th of 14.  That's a full calendar year since my last winning tip, could be worse.
23rd - Hector's Choice - 7th of 12.  Looked promising with three to jump, rather less so at the finish.

March 2013

2nd - Pacha Du Polder - Won 18/1.  First win in ten months for the horse, even longer for yours truly.
9th - Valdez - 11th of 19.  He only beat one other finisher though, as the other seven were pulled up.
16th - Big Occasion - Won  6/1.  That's two winners in three weeks, a red hot streak by my standards.
23rd - Majestic Myles - Meeting postponed until next Saturday due to snow, probably be flooded then.
30th - Majestic Myles - 7th of 21.  Prominent for the entire race except for the most important bit.

April 2013

6th - Chicago Grey - Jumped as if he was wearing diving boots, hopelessly tailed off and pulled up.
13th - Hamza - 4th of 20 at 25/1.  Would have won if it was a 3 furlong race, unfortunately it wasn't.
20th - Rebeccas Choice - 7th of 24.  Completed the course but was never in any danger of winning.
27th - Duke Of Lucca - 7th of 19.  He was 11th of 19 the last time I tipped him, so he's improving.

May 2013

4th - Bogart - 17th of 17.  Spent most of the race in a Big Sleep, and ended up in a Lonely Place.
11th - Bronze Prince - 21st of 26.  Ran more like a pauper today, eventually finished in his own time.
18th - Trumpet Major - 10th of 12.  Tailed off and virtually pulled up, obviously not at concert pitch.
25th - Country Western - 5th of 10.  Ran well up to a point, but ultimately gave his backers the blues.

June 2013

1st - Top Cop - 15th of 17.  Outpaced and beaten out of sight, not a particularly arresting performance.
8th - Heavy Metal - 9th of 14.  He certainly took anyone that backed him on a Highway To Hell.
15th - Lewisham - 15th of 19.  Appropriately named as he finished in a different county to the winner.
22nd - Zero Money - 22nd of 26.  Possibly the most appropriately named horse that I've ever tipped.
29th - Scatter Dice - 5th of 18.  Only two years since my last winning flat racing tip, could be worse.

July 2013

6th - Icebuster - 11th of 17.  Very well named as you'd have to be a bit cracked to put money on him.
13th - Highland Colori - 6th of 19.  He had a 100% record at Newmarket before today, he hasn't now.
20th - Morning Post - 10th of 24.  Failed to deliver on this occasion, definitely a second class showing.
27th - Hefner - 20th of 29.  He'll certainly have his knockers after a performance as bad as that.

August 2013

3rd - Blaine - 21st of 27.  Performed a disappearing act as he was nowhere to be seen at the finish.
10th - Tepmokea - 7th of 14.  Looked promising until he made a decisive backward move two out.
17th - Confessional - 17th of 20.  He'll definitely need to say a few Hail Marys after that performance.
24th - Highland Castle - 14th of 14.  Went from first to last in the space of less than two furlongs.
31st - Chapter Seven - 12th of 15.  He did a bit better than last week's tip, not saying much admittedly.

September 2013

7th - Suraj - 8th of 14.  Started slowly, finished slowly.  The part in between was a bit rubbish as well.
14th - Barnet Fair - 17th of 21.  Well backed before the race, well out the back at the end of it.
21st - Duke Of Firenze - 21st of 26.  He beat the favourite, but unfortunately 20 others did it faster.
28th - Robert The Painter - 27th of 31.  Easily brushed aside, there's no point trying to gloss over it.

October 2013

5th - Anaconda - 16th of 17.  I was hoping that he'd put the squeeze on the opposition, but he didn't.
12th - Scatter Dice - Won 66/1.  Came from last to first, the exact opposite of what my tips usually do.
19th - Gramercy - 3rd of 27 at 50/1.  Beaten 2 lengths, in front with half a furlong to go.  B******s.
26th - Secret Witness - 12th of 19.  He finished 12th yesterday as well, so at least he's consistent.

November 2013

2nd - Quinz - Pulled up.  In front four out, pulled up three fences later.  Must have been nobbled.
9th - Rhombus - 18th of 23.  Was sent off the well backed favourite, obviously nobody told the horse.
16th - Easter Meteor - Came crashing to earth at the second last when still just about in front.
23rd - Monetary Fund - 7th of 15.  Certainly proved to be a poor investment for his backers today.
30th - Opening Batsman - Apparently he fell, but he was so far behind he was out of camera range.

December 2013

7th - Gullible Gordon - 13th of 22.  Hopelessly tailed off, but did complete the course in his own time.
14th - Sew On Target - 4th of 13.  Still in touch with two to jump, maybe he got a stitch after that.
21st - Ronaldo Des Mottes - 5th of 20 at 40/1.  Hasn't won for four years now, that's worse than me.
28th - Mountainous - Won 20/1.  Had obviously been trained to peak for the big occasion.

January 2014

4th - Gwladys Street - 4th of 6.  Proving conclusively that Ivor Donkey can't tip winners for toffee.
11th - Master Overseer - Pulled up.  With form figures of P1P1P1P, he really should have won.
18th - Kauto Stone - 3rd of 7.  Leading with 2 to jump, beaten 26 lengths.  Sanklikea Stone more like.
25th - Baile Anrai - 2nd of 15 at 25/1.  Would probably have won in a few more strides.  B******s.

February 2014

1st - Filbert - 5th of 8.  You would have to be nuts to back him, but even more so to tip him twice.
8th - Poet - 12th of 20.  Ran well to 3 furlongs out, presumably this was one of his unfinished works.
15th - Nuts N Bolts - 4th of 14 at 14/1.  I hoped he'd thread his way through the field, but he didn't.
22nd - Tarquinius - Pulled up.  Came all the way from Ireland, perhaps he should have stayed there.

March 2014

1st - Storm Survivor - 2nd of 12 at 12/1.  Came from the clouds with a late run, but was blown away.
8th - Skint - 9th of 14.  A topical tip as I probably will be after this week's Cheltenham Festival.
15th - West End Rocker - 3rd of 16 at 20/1.  Led for virtually the whole race except the important bit.
22nd - Major Malarkey - 7th of 13.  Managed to pass a few stragglers in the last couple of furlongs.
29th - Robert The Painter - 3rd of 17 at 25/1.  Within two lengths of giving the bookies a good licking.

April 2014

5th - Wayward Prince - Fell.  He may be a prince, but follow him for long and you'll end up a pauper.
12th - Charles Camoin - 6th of 23.  He's won first time out the last two years, not this one though.
19th - Elenika - 13th of 19.  He was backed in from 25/1-16/1, obviously nobody told the horse.
26th - Twirling Magnet - Non runner.  His connections obviously weren't attracted by the race.

May 2014

3rd - Extortionist - 10th of 11.  Didn't live up to his name, because even at 33/1, he wasn't overpriced.
10th - Gramercy - 5th of 25.  The first 4 drawn 25, 29, 21 and 23. So much for a low draw being best.
17th - Expert - 6th of 12.  Never finished out of the places in 4 runs at Newmarket, until today that is.
24th - Hot Coffee - 4th of 13.  He was clearly full of beans today, but ultimately left a bitter taste.
31st - Secret Witness - 3rd of 18 at 14/1.  Looked certain to win with half a furlong to go, but didn't.

June 2014

7th - Tangerine Trees - 12th of 19.  Started promisingly, but ultimately his efforts failed to bear fruit.
14th - Kickboxer - 3rd of 20 at 14/1.  Had them on the ropes, but couldn't deliver the knockout punch.
21st - Dont Bother Me - 7th of 28.  Last year's tip in this race came 22nd of 26, so I'm getting better.
28th - Tropical Beat - 14th of 19.  He hasn't won for two years now, not that I've got room to talk.

July 2014

5th - Quiz Mistress - 5th of 15.  Briefly threatened to win, but had no answer in the final furlong.
12th - Pacific Heights - 8th of 16.  In touch until two furlongs out, but was treading water after that.
19th - Rolling Maul - Pulled up.  Deserves to go in the sin bin after a performance as bad as that.
26th - Louis The Pious - 11th of 29.  Two of my previous tips were first and second, b****y typical.

August 2014

2nd - Bear Behind - 21st of 24.  Prominent for the first half of the race, but finished well in rear.
9th - Queensberry Rules - 7th of 14.  Struggled to land a blow, and was out for the count at the finish.
16th - Majestic Moon - 16th of 19.  He was leading two furlongs out, then fifteen horses overtook him.
23rd - Nearly Caught - 8th of 19.  I'd like to say he nearly caught the winner, but clearly needs further.
30th - What About Carlo - 12th of 16.  He had the best draw, it didn't make a lot of difference though.

September 2014

6th - Hot Streak - 16th of 17.  An appropriately appalling performance to mark this site's 15th birthday.
13th - Clear Spring - 10th of 20.  He was first one into the stalls, that's as good as it got unfortunately.
20th - Heaven's Guest - 4th of 27 at 12/1.  Looked a possible winner after 4 furlongs, less so after 6.
27th - Velox - 2nd of 31 at 8/1.  Won the race on the stands side, but unfortunately not the actual race.

October 2014

4th - Intransigent - Won 16/1.  I had originally intended to back him myself, but I changed my mind.
11th - Sohar - 11th of 33.  This race had been the plan all season, obviously nobody told the horse.
18th - Sirius Prospect - 22nd of 27.  Came in for some support, didn't make a lot of difference though.
25th - Wishfull Thinking - Won 14/1.  He's been beaten in the race the last 2 years, so 3rd time lucky.

November 2014

1st - Restless Harry - 13th of 15.  Listless Harry would be a more appropriate name on that evidence.
8th - Manhattan Swing - 15th of 22.  Held up in mid division, but then went back instead of forwards.
15th - Persian Snow - 14th of 18.  The other four were all pulled up, so technically he finished last.
22nd - Spirit Of Shankly - 8th of 16.  Beaten out of sight, any bets on him never looked likely to kop.
29th - Midnight Prayer - 9th of 19.  At least he completed the course, the other ten were pulled up.

December 2014

6th - Oscar Time - Won 25/1.  That's two profitable years in a row now, a hot streak by my standards.
13th - Workbench - Fell at the third fence, he quite obviously didn't possess the tools for the job.
20th - Gassin Golf - Pulled up when a fairway behind the others, definitely a below par performance.
27th - Woodford County - 7th of 19.  Different County would be more appropriate on that evidence.

January  2015

3rd - Hold Court - 8th of 11.  He should certainly end up in the dock after a performance like that.
10th - Ballyoliver - 6th of 14.  Though he only beat one horse as the other seven failed to complete.
17th - Hey Big Spender - Pulled up.  Well and truly spent at the end, though so were half the field.
24th - Easter Meteor - 7th of 10.  At least he got round, which he didn't manage last time I tipped him.
31st - Bob Ford - Won 16/1.  Ten started, only two finished.  He certainly murdered his rivals today.

February 2015

7th - Goodwood Mirage - Fell at the first hurdle.  At least his jockey didn't have very far to walk back.
14th - Harry The Viking - 2nd of 12 at 12/1.  Looked sure to plunder the prize, but beaten by a head.
21st - Count Guido Deiro - Fell.  Led early, fell when making a backward move on the final circuit
28th - William Money - Pulled up.  He'll certainly be unforgiven after a performance as bad as that.

March 2015

7th - Rayvin Black - 2nd of 23 at 33/1.  Led for most of the way, beaten 3/4 of a length.  B******s.
14th - Woodford County - 3rd of 16 at 11/1.  At least he finished, half of the field didn't manage that.
21st - Keel Haul - 7th of 10.  Tailed off.  Was supported in the morning, didn't do much to justify it.
28th - Fire Ship - 20th of 22.  I've never backed the winner of the Lincoln, so business as usual then.

April 2015

4th - Beforeall - Pulled up.  Clearly well named as he was struggling beforeall of the rest of the field.
11th - Oscar Time - 15th of 39.  Looked like playing a leading role, but ended up as one of the extras.
18th - Houblon Des Obeaux - Big drop in class from his last race, didn't make much difference though.
25th - Just A Par - Won 14/1.  Two winners this year and it's still only April, it can only get worse.

May 2015

2nd - Home Of The Brave - 6th of 18.  Was leading after 7 furlongs, unfortunately the race is a mile.
9th - Lunar Deity - 24th of 26.  He doesn't run on turf very often these days, not too hard to see why.
16th - Trade Storm - Non runner.  Maybe I should just tip 52 non runners a year, then I'd never lose.
23rd - John Reel - 6th of 15.  He had top weight, so he was the best horse.  Didn't look like it though.
30th - Penitent - 15th of 16.  Well named as he should be feeling sorry about a performance that bad.

June 2015

6th - Kilimanjaro - 6th of 12.  Had a mountain to climb turning in, but clearly wasn't at his peak today.
13th - Athletic - 14th of 17.  Hardly the most appropriately named horse in training on that evidence.
20th - Music Master - 4th of 15.  Got into a good rhythm, but ultimately failed to hit the high notes.
27th - Resiliency - 14th of 19.  Came out of the stalls and completed the course, that's about it really.

July 2015

4th - Mighty Yar - Non runner.  Definitely my best (and least expensive) result for quite a few weeks.
11th - Master Carpenter - Won 14/1.  With a name like that it was quite obvious he was nailed on.
18th - Kie - 13th of 17.  He led for the first couple of furlongs, that's about as good as it got for him.
25th - One Word More - 14th of 20.  I only need one word more to describe that performance - s**t.

August 2015

1st - Kimberella - 14th of 26.  Drawn next to the winner, but they were much further apart at the end. 
8th - Arctic Feeling - 9th of 10.  Guaranteed to receive a frosty reception after a performance like that.
15th - Clear Spring - 12th of 13.  Drawn on the wrong side, but it probably didn't make any difference.
22nd - Notarised - 8th of 19.  Briefly threatened to get involved three furlongs from home, but didn't.
29th - Czech It Out - 6th of 19.  Stayed on well in the last furlong as the winner was being unsaddled.

September 2015

5th - Excellent Result - 15th of 16.  The first time visor had an effect, unfortunately not a positive one.
12th - Robot Boy - 14th of 20.  Well named as he ran as if he was suffering from metal fatigue.
19th - Ninjago - 3rd of 25 at 33/1.  Might have won if it was seven furlongs, unfortunately it wasn't.
26th - Fire Fighting - 15th of 34.  With a name like that you would have expected him to hose up.

October 2015

3rd - Mister Universe - 7th of 17.  Tried unsuccessfully to muscle his way through in the final furlong.
10th - Noble Silk - 21st of 34.  In touch for the first 15 furlongs, less said about the last 3 the better.
17th - Spark Plug - 5th of 20 at 25/1.  Looked like he might fire today, but just couldn't close the gap.
24th - Big Casino - 9th of 12.  Led for almost the entire race, but was a busted flush at the finish.
31st - Cold March - Won 12/1.  Four winners already this year, and there's still two months to go.

November 2015

7th - Storm Force Ten - 10th of 22.  I'd hoped to say he'd blown his opponents away, but he didn't.
14th - Cocktails At Dawn - 14th of 20.  Was up there for most of the way, apart from at the finish.
21st - Low Key - 10th of 16.  Well named as his performance was nothing to get excited about.
28th - Theatre Guide - 2nd of 15 at 12/1.  Not a particularly close second though it has to be said.

December 2015

5th - Portrait King - Fell after being severely hampered two fences from home when well in contention.
12th - Texas Jack - Pulled up.  He came all the way from Ireland, maybe he should have stayed there.
19th - Presenting Arms - 19th of 21.  That makes it look better than it was as the other two pulled up.
26th - Billy No Name - 7th of 14.  He lived up to his name with a fairly anonymous performance.

January 2016

2nd - Renard - Pulled up.  Made a brief forward move before blundering his way out of contention.
9th - Red Devil Lads - Led for the first few fences but parted company with his jockey at the eighth.
16th - Red Devil Lads - Pulled up.  He got further than last week, admittedly that's not saying much.
23rd - Algernon Pazham - Pulled up.  4 tips so far this year, none finished. Room for improvement.
30th - No Planning - Pulled up when
hopelessly tailed off.  Not many positives to take from that one.

February 2016

6th - Donna's Diamond - Pulled up.  Reluctant to start, unfortunately even more reluctant to finish.
13th - Forest Bihan - Pulled up.  That's five in a row, hopefully I'll tip one that gets round next week.
20th - Arctic Gold - 6th of 9.  Totally beaten out of sight, but still my best result of the year so far.
27th - Ruben Cotter - 12th of 15.  That's two finishers in a row, a hot streak by my recent standards.

March 2016

5th - Little Jon - Pulled up.  That "hot streak" didn't last long, normal service is well and truly resumed.
12th - Spice Fair - 3rd of 14 at 20/1.  Looked as though he might get involved in the finish, but didn't.
19th - Golden Chieftain - Fell at the last fence when five legths clear, and he was 14/1.  B******s.
26th - No Duffer - Won 11/2.  PFPPPPPP60P3F1.  Is that an impressive tipping sequence or what?

April 2016

2nd - Farlow - 8th of 22.  He was leading after six furlongs, the less said about the last two the better.
9th - Aachen - Pulled up.  He led for the first circuit, unfortunately the second circuit went less well.
16th - Spookydooky - Pulled up.  On that evidence he wouldn't have won if he'd started yesterday.
23rd - You're Fired - Won  11/1.  With a name like that he just had to be ridden by an apprentice.
30th - Lancelot Du Lac - 21st of 21.  As the saying goes - after the Lord Mayor's show.....

May 2016

7th - Dinkum Diamond - 4th of 26 at 33/1.  Better than last week, admittedly that's not saying much.
14th - Johnny Barnes - 10th of 12.  Slowly out of the stalls, slow for the whole race for that matter.
21st - Bogart - 2nd of 15 at 12/1.  Beaten in a tight three way finish, pity his head isn't a bit longer.
28th - Gerry The Glover - 8th of 13.  Lost a few lengths at the start, had lost a few more by the end.

June 2016

4th - Normal Equilibrium - 9th of 17.  He beat the favourite, but then again so did everybody else.
11th - Riflescope - 17th of 17.  He would have needed one to see the winner he was so far behind him.
18th - B Fifty Two - 26th of 28.  Had a good draw, but it didn't help as he well and truly bombed out.
25th - Arch Villain - 18th of 20.  I was hoping that he'd manage to steal the race, but he didn't.

July 2016

2nd - Paddys Motorbike - 17th of 17.  I thought he might scramble home, but that never looked likely.
9th - Birdman - 19th of 19.  He certainly didn't fly home today, and turned out to be a bit of a turkey.
16th - Valco De Touzaine - 7th of 16.  Better than my last few tips, though that's not saying a lot.
23rd - Withernsea - 7th of 24.  Getting better every week, at this rate I'll get one placed by Christmas.
30th - Ninjago - 20th of 27.  Given the draw bias he wouldn't have won even if he'd started yesterday.

August 2016

6th - Lat Hawill - 2nd of 13 at 25/1.  Looked sure to win but was mugged on the line.  B******s.
13th - Tatlisu - 17th of 20.  Was drawn on the wrong side, though it didn't make much difference.
20th - Battersea - 4th of 20 at 16/1.  Finished fairly well, unfortunately the winner was long gone.
27th - Alpha Delphini - Won  13/2.  Nice to finally stop the rot after an epic four month losing streak.

September 2016

3rd - Red Baron - Last of 12.  He certainly didn't fly home today, normal service is resumed.
10th - Son Of Africa - 15th of 20.  Started next to the winner, but didn't finish anywhere near him.
17th - Hillbilly Boy - 16th of 23.  Clearly very well named as he finished in the middle of nowhere.
24th - Dolphin Vista - Non runner, but  you can rest assured that I didn't tip it on porpoise.

October 2016

1st - Dutch Law - 11th of 18.  Looked quite promising with a furlong to go, then he went backwards.
8th - Wind Place And Sho - 25th of 33.  Wind Place And No Sho would be much more appropriate.
15th - Master The World - 12th of 19.  Definitely failed to live up to his rather grandiose name today.
22nd - Bag Of Diamonds - 18th of 20.  Not a very polished performance today unfortunately.
29th - Germany Calling - 8th of 11.  He did live up to his name as he was beaten a long distance.

November 2016

5th - Not So Sleepy - Non runner.  One of many, in fact there were as many non runners as runners.
12th - Bouvreuil - 5th of 17.  Ran respectably, in a never looking remotely like winning sort of way.
19th - Ballybolley - Pulled up.  Ballyslowly would be a more appropriate name on that evidence.
26th - Coologue - Pulled up.  Led for part of the race, unfortunately not the most important part.

December 2016

3rd - Sizing Coal - Fell.  Definitely didn't fire today, and put in a very slack performance.
10th - Roman Flight - 11th of 16.  Or 11th of 11 finishers, as the other five didn't manage to get round.
17th - Pyromaniac - 6th of 19.  I thought he might be able to burn them off at the finish, but he didn't.
26th - Doesyourdogbite - Won 8/1.  If I can tip a 20/1 winner on Saturday I'll be in profit for the year.
31st -  Royal Guardsman - 14th of 19.  New year's resolution - don't set unrealistic goals for

January 2017

7th - Cloudy Too - 5th of 16.  Up there until three fences from home, it all went downhill after that.
14th - Spookydooky - 8th of 20.  I was hoping that he was going to haunt the bookies, but he didn't.
21st - Bishops Road - 3rd of 14 at 8/1.  Stayed on strongly while the winner was being hosed down.
28th - On Tour - 5th of 13.  In contention until making a decisive backward move with two to jump.

February 2017

4th - Billy No Name - 9th of 15.  At least he completed the course, more than the other five managed.
11th - Beltor - 7th of 16.  Well in contention for most of the race, well out of contention by the finish.
18th - Wakanda - Pulled up.  Just as well he did as being lapped would have been a bit embarrassing.
25th - Emperor's Choice - 5th of 18.  The ground was so heavy they timed the race with a calendar.

March 2017

4th - Goulanes - Fell.  At least he didn't bring anyone else down as there was nobody behind him.
11th - Bigmartre - 6th of 13.  Led for most of the race, unfortunately not for the most important part.
18th - Chase The Spud - Won 11/1.  The first winner of the year and we're still only in March.
25th - Icing On The Cake - 3rd of 13.  Was in the mix at the finish, but couldn't rise to the occasion.

April 2017

1st - Steel Train - 7th of 22.  He might be named after a train, but unfortunately didn't finish like one.
8th - Doctor Harper - Pulled up.  I would think that he'll be struck off after a performance like that.
15th - Captain Redbeard - 2nd of 11 at 12/1.  He was about a furlong behind the winner though.
22nd - Straidnahanna - Pulled up.  His form figures are now P0P, he didn't show much fizz though.
29th - Le Reve -  Pulled up.  Sandown is supposed to be his favourite course, believe it or not.

May 2017

6th - Grapevine - 8th of 9.  Well and truly beaten out of sight, all in all a far from vintage performance.
13th - Stamp Hill - 22nd of 24.  Wasn't helped by the draw, not running all that fast didn't help either.
20th - I'vegotthepower - 11th of 13.  Led early, then went backwards.  Perhaps he needed recharging.
27th - Fire Brigade - 4th of 11.  I was hoping to say he hosed up, but didn't spark until it was too late.

June 2017

3rd - Exceed The Limit - 11th of 19.  Don't know what limit he exceeded, but it wasn't the speed one.
10th - Southdown Lad - 6th of 14.  Went far too quickly at the start, but far too slowly at the finish.
17th - Farlow - 12th of 18.  Held up in rear early, but stayed there when he wasn't being held up.
24th - Steady Pace - 2nd of 27 at 16/1.  Might well have got up in a few more strides, b******s.

July 2017

1st - Good Run - 11th of 20.  Definitely not the most appropriately named horse on that evidence.
8th - Fabricate - 6th of 16.  Looked like he was going to get involved two furlongs out, but didn't.
15th - Tony Curtis - 4th of 18 at 33/1.  Nearly found the winning way, but you can't win them all.
22nd - Wadswick Court - 2nd of 15 at 20/1.  With a name like that he should have won by a street.
29th - Johnny Barnes - 4th of 27 at 25/1.  Three big priced places but no winners, maybe next week....

August 2017

5th - Brian The Snail - 21st of 26.  ...Or maybe not, definitely well named on today's performance.
12th - Wolfcatcher - 7th of 10.  Never mind a wolf, he'd struggle to catch a cold on that evidence.
19th - George Dryden - 17th of 19.  The first time cheekpieces obviously made a big difference.
26th - Winning Story - 7th of 19.  It looks as though the winning story was clearly a work of fiction.

September 2017

2nd - Master Carpenter - 12th of 13.  I hoped that he'd give the opposition a hammering, but he didn't.
9th - Glory Awaits - 12th of 17.  It's going to be waiting a hell of a lot longer by the look of it.
16th - Hakam - 10th of 22.  Never mind, it's the Ayr Gold Cup next Saturday.  That should be easy.
23rd - Law And Order - 17th of 19.  He's getting better, he only managed to beat one horse last time.
30th - You're Fired - 9th of 34.  I backed him each way with Willie Hill paying eight places - bugger.

October 2017

7th - Birchwood - 13th of 18.  Was well placed until making a decisive backward move a furlong out.
14th - Swashbuckle - 25th of 34.  I thought he'd enjoy the cut and thrust of the race, obviously not.
21st - George William - 16th of 20.  Held up in rear, made a forward move, and then went backwards.
28th - Lamb Or Cod - Fell.  Probably didn't affect the result as he was well in arrears at the time.

November 2017

4th - Bigbadjohn - Non runner.  He was going to run, but he got loose before the start and ran off.
11th - Master The World - 16th of 23.  And so ends another successful flat racing season's tipping.
18th - Aqua Dude - Pulled up.  I was hoping that he'd make a big splash, but he sunk without trace.
25th - Three Musketeers - 9th of 13.  Beaten a mere fifty lengths, so he was obviously a bit unlucky.

December 2017

2nd - Bigbadjohn - 10th of 20.  He at least consented to start this time, not that it did him much good.
9th - Portrait King - 5th of 15.  With a name like that I'm surprised he didn't at least get in the frame.
16th - Guitar Pete - Won 9/1.  A hollow victory in very unfortunate circumstances, but they all count.
23rd - Regal Encore - Pulled up.  Won the race last year, but no encore today, regal or otherwise.

30th - Back To The Thatch -  Non runner.  One of my better tips of the year without a doubt.

January 2018

6th - Bishops Road - Pulled up.  Might as well start the new year as I mean to go on I suppose.
13th - On The Road - Pulled up.  Hopefully I'll tip something that manages to finish next week.
20th - Man Of Plenty - 4th of 13.  Not beaten far, but never looked in any danger of actually winning.
27th - Bally Longford - Pulled up when hopelessly tailed off.  At least I tipped one finisher this month.

February 2018

3rd - Doesyourdogbite - 5th of 18.  His best run for over a year, that's not saying a lot admittedly.
10th - William H Bonney - 8th of 24.  That's two consecutive finishers, a hot streak by my standards.
17th - Yala Enki - Won 8/1.  First winner of the year and it's still only February, can't be bad.
24th - Smooth Stepper - 6th of 17.  At least he finished, eleven others couldn't even manage that.

March 2018

3rd - Widnes - 2nd of 10 at 7/1.  Beaten a neck, looked like winning until getting mugged at the finish.
10th - Octagon - Pulled up.  Certainly didn't shape up very well today, beaten out of sight.
17th - Bob Ford -Pulled up when hopelessly tailed off, he certainly didn't outgun them today.
24th - Withernsea - 17th of 20.  Might as well start the new turf flat season as I mean to go on.
31st - Fingerontheswitch - 11th of 15.  Don't know what the switch was, not a turbo boost obviously.

April 2018

7th - Card Game - 9th of 11.  Looked as though he might come up trumps, but folded at the end.
14th - The Dutchman - Unseated at the Foinavon fence (one of the smallest fences on the course).
21st - Get On The Yager - Pulled up.  Perhaps he'd been living up to his name the night before.
28th - Relentless Dreamer - 4th of 20 at 33/1.  An extremely long way behind the winner though.

May 2018

5th - Roaring Lion - 5th of 14.  Looks like he wants further, better take 25/1 for the Derby then.
12th - Gilgamesh - 7th of 27.  Won the race on the stands side, but that doesn't count unfortunately.
19th - Master Of Wine - 9th of 11.  Definitely a far from vintage performance it has to be said.
26th - Lawn Ranger - Non runner.  I thought he'd mow them down, but he didn't even make the cut.

June 2018

2nd - Harry Hurricane - 8th of 20.  Looked like he might blow them away at one point, but didn't.
9th - Copper Knight - 6th of 16.  Ran well for three furlongs, unfortunately the race was over five.
16th - Queen's Sargent - 18th of 20.  He'll probably be demoted to private after that performance.
23rd - Tis Marvellous - 4th of 28 at 20/1.  Better than last week, that's not saying much admittedly.
30th - Top Tug - 15th of 20.  That was his first run on tapeta, probably also his last on that evidence.

July 2018

7th - Koeman - 7th of 16.  Being named after a footballer I suppose he was bound to finish in midfield.
14th - Mountain Rescue - 8th of 18.  He obviously wasn't at his peak today.
21st - Cut The Corner - 14th of 15.  He might have got on better if he'd tried living up to his name.
28th - Brian The Snail - 23rd of 27.  Unlike last week's tip, this one definitely lived up to his name.

August 2018

4th - George Bowen - 5th 0f 26.  My best result for a few weeks, not that that's saying very much.
11th - Stars Over The Sea - 2nd of 10 at 16/1.  So near and yet so far, maybe next week.
18th - Reputation - 9th of 20.  Did make a bit of late progress (while the winner was being unsaddled).
25th - Scotland - 13th of 20.  Beaten out of sight, definitely not a braveheart performance today.

September 2018

1st - Pettochside - 12th of 14.  He only beat one horse last time, so an improved performance then.
8th - Gustav Klimt - 3rd of 12.  At least he got in the frame, as you'd expect with a name like that.
15th - Savalas - 17th of 21.  Never mind, it's the Ayr Gold Cup next week, that should be easy.
22nd - Major Jumbo - 20th of 25.  Up with the leaders early, back with the stragglers at the finish.
29th - Zwayyan - 16th of 33.  The commentator mentioned him once, not near the finish though.

October 2018

6th - Above The Rest - Non runner.  My best result for eight months, which is a bit embarrassing.
13th - Cliffs Of Dover - 27th of 33.  Went from being ten lengths in front to 78 lengths behind.
20th - Zwayyan - 16th of 20.  He was sixteenth last time I tipped him, he's consistent if nothing else.
27th - Sykes - 2nd of 20 at 22/1, beaten a short head.  Not much that I can say apart from.....Bugger.

November 2018

3rd - Play The Ace - 9th of 9.  Only beaten ninety one lengths, so clearly he was a bit unlucky.
10th - Seafarer - 20th of 23.  I can't remember my last winning flat tip, I think Fred Archer rode it.
17th - King's Socks - Unseated three out.  With a name like that he was more likely to be pulled up.
24th - Gardefort - 11th of 13 (The other two were pulled up).  Completed the course in his own time.

December 2018

1st - Beware The Bear - 4th of 12.  Mind the gap more like as he was about a fence behind the winner.
8th - Federici - 5th of 18.  Looked as though he might get involved at one point, but didn't.
15th - Full Glass - Non runner.  Well that's stopped the rot in no uncertain terms.
22nd - Flying Tiger - 8th of 21.  Was prominent for most of the race, just not at the end unfortunately.
29th - Aurillac - Pulled up.  That's the third time in a row, he's consistent if nothing else.

January 2019

5th - Loose Chips - 5th of 17.  I made a new years resolution to stop tipping losers - so much for that.
12th - Sleep Easy - 11th of 14.  Was with the leaders until he dropped off, and he was my nap bet.
19th - Quite By Chance - 8th of 10.  He prefers right handed tracks, didn't look much like it today.
26th - On Tour - Pulled up.  More like a mystery tour as he didn't seem to know where he was going.

February 2019

2nd - Mr Clarkson - Pulled up when hopelessly tailed off.  He certainly didn't get into top gear today.
9th - All British racing cancelled due to equine flu outbreak, so no Saturday Special this week.
16th - Bishops Road - 6th of 15.  At least he finished, the other nine either fell or were pulled up.
23rd - Crosspark - Won 12/1.  Looks like I only have winners in February, roll on 2020 then.

March 2019

2nd - San Benedeto - Won 11/1.  No winners for a year and now two in a row, now for the hat trick.
9th - Extra Mag - Non runner.  The hat trick will have to wait until the Midlands National next week.
16th - Back To The Thatch - Fell.  It looked quite promising turning for home, then the roof fell in.
23rd - Off The Hook - 4th of 14.  Looked promising with two to jump, that didn't last long though.
30th - Another Batt - 6th of 19.  Hampered soon after the start, definitely would have won otherwise.

April 2019

6th - Jury Duty - Fell.  I imagine there were a lot more than twelve angry men after that performance.
13th - Geronimo - Pulled up. Prominent early, then went backwards.  One to have reservations about.
20th - Eye Of The Storm - 8th of 14.  I was hoping to say that he'd thundered home, but he didn't.
27th - Rock The Kasbah - Pulled up.  Give 'em enough rope would be a more appropriate name.

May 2019

4th - Urban Icon - 8th of 19.  Like most of my Classic tips, will be seen to better effect over hurdles.
11th - Zap - 14th of 26.  He was up with the leaders for six furlongs, shame about the seventh one.
18th - I Can Fly - 6th of 14.  He certainly didn't fly out of the stalls, lurched would be more accurate.
25th - Duke Of Hazzard - 7th of 14.  Started well, but finished as if Boss Hogg was riding him.

June 2019

1st - Madhmoon - 2nd of 13 at 10/1.  Fourth in the Guineas, first in the Derby - well nearly.
8th - Fire Jet - 12th of 15.  Tailed off.  Lucky Newmarket's not a full circuit or he'd have been lapped.

15th - Golden Apollo - 5th of 20.  Finished well after having traffic problems, a certainty next time.
22nd - Lake Volta - 8th of 26.  Prominent for the first four furlongs, rather less so for the last two.
29th - Who Dares Wins - Won 12/1.  My first flat winner for a while, the last was at Alexandra Park.

July 2019

6th - Restorer - 14th of 17.  After the Lord Mayor's show.  Two in a row would be asking a bit much.
13th - Buzz - Non runner.  As I've said before, keep backing non runners and you'll never lose.
20th - Van Gogh Du Granit - 3rd of 14 at 12/1.  Led most of the way, but at least he got in the frame.
27th - Lake Volta - 9th of 23.  Ran very well for six furlongs, unfortunately the race was over seven.

August 2019

3rd - Lake Volta - 7th of 23.  Ran well for 5 of the 6 furlongs.  Is there a 5 furlong race next Saturday?
10th - Kuwait Currency - 5th of 13.  He nearly got in the money, but clearly isn't one to bank on.
17th - Lake Volta - 8th of 17.  Beaten 10 lengths so clearly unlucky.  Where's he running next week?
24th - Baghdad - 17th of 22.  Beaten 18 lengths, more like a gulf than a gap it has to be said.
31st - Gracious John - 8th of 11.  Lived up to his name as he let most of the others go before him.

September 2019

7th - Brando - 4th of 11.  Somehow appropriate to mark this website's 20th anniversary with a loser.
14th - Gunmetal - 17th of 22.  My tip in this race last year came 17th as well, at least I'm consistent.
21st - Embour - 5th of 24.  Never mind, it's the Cambridgeshire next week, that'll be much easier.
28th - Queen Of Time - 24th of 30.  The first five were drawn high, lucky I tipped a low one then.

October 2019

5th - Lake Volta - 11th of 17.  Well, I haven't tipped him for several weeks, so it was about time.
12th - Graceful Lady - 16th of 30. One place behind the favourite, but a long way behind the winner.
19th - Mohaather - 5th of 16.  Looked promising two furlongs out, rather less so one furlong out.
26th - Rocky's Treasure - Pulled up when tailed off after a fence buggering blunder early in the race.

November 2019

2nd - Double Shuffle - 8th of 16 .  His form figures are now P00.  Not much I can add to that really.
9th - Wicked Willy - 8th of 13.  Always in rear and tailed off.  He did finish eventually though.
16th - Warthog - 3rd of 17 at 33/1.  With a name like that he was guaranteed to act well in the mud.
23rd - Sykes - Pulled up.  He normally wins his second race of the season, not this year though.
30th - Daklondike - 11th of 24.   There was never much prospect of him striking gold at any stage.

December 2019

7th - Ballyoptic - 11th of 18.  At least he completed the course, albeit eighty lengths behind the winner.
14th - Warthog - Won 7/1.  That's my fourth winner of the year, getting a bit close to a personal best.
21st - Scaramanga - 7th of 13.  Clearly failed to fire today, and missed the target by some distance.
28th - The Wolf - 2nd of 12 at 14/1.  Emerged from the pack to challenge, but didn't quite get there.

January 2020

4th - Wild West Wind - 11th of 14.  Certainly didn't blow them away today.  A solid start to the year.
11th - Captain Chaos - 2nd of 13 at 10/1.  The race was 29 furlongs, he led for the first 28 of them.
18th - Flying Angel - 6th of 10.  Held up early, but didn't go any faster when he wasn't being held up.
25th - Calipto - 13th of 14.  Beaten a mere seventy lengths, so he was obviously a bit unlucky.

February 2020

1st - Big Shark - 5th of 17.  Basking Shark more like, slow and non threatening.
8th - Stolen Silver - 8th of 24.  He finished very well though as he was last with two to jump.
15th - Geronimo - Pulled up.  Jumped badly, tailed off and pulled up.  Not too many positives there.
22nd - Mister Malarky - Won 9/1.  First winner of the year and it's still only February.
29th - Enrichissant - Meeting abandoned due to the track being underwater.

March 2020

7th - Rathbone - 10th of 12.  I don't tip on the all weather very often, just as well on that evidence.
14th - Prime Venture - Pulled up.  Well in touch until a decisive backward move on the final circuit.
21st - Ballea Fox - 8th of 16.  Same as last week, in touch for most of the way, then went backwards.
28th - All British Racing cancelled because of Coronavirus, you may have heard about it.

April 2020

4th - See above.
11th - See above.
18th - See above.
25th - See above.

May 2020

2nd - See above.
9th - See above.
16th - See above.
23rd - See above.
30th - See above.

June 2020

6th - Mums Tipple - 15th of 15.  The two month break clearly hasn't done very much for my tipping.
13th - Nearly Perfection - 11th of 11.  Whoever named her deserves full marks for optimism.
20th - Bernardo O'Reilly - 14th of 19.  At least he wasn't last, but a far from magnificent performance.
27th - King's Advice - 14th of 18.  My tipping has been consistent since the restart if nothing else.

July 2020

4th - Sherpa Trail - Non runner.  Without a doubt my best result since the resumption of racing.
11th - Keyser Soze - 5th of 17.  Had some traffic problems, so should have at least been placed.
18th - Dark Jedi - 4th of 22 at 18/1.  If this sequence continues I should have a winner in three weeks.
25th - Keyser Soze - 9th of 19.  Unlike 2 weeks ago no traffic problems, he just didn't run fast enough.

August 2020

1st - Swindler - 4th of 27 at 12/1.  The first one down to the start, but not the first back unfortunately.
8th - Koeman - 6th of 12.  Obviously very well named as he always seems to finish in midfield.
15th - Sextant - 5th of 7.  Slowly out of the stalls, he wasn't going all that fast at the finish either.
22nd -
29th -

Running Total  - 140.0 Points.

Current Losing Streak - 13

Record Losing Streak - 50