The sites in the top section were suggested by readers, if you have a site you'd like me to include, let me know.
Gamblers Anonymous (just in case).
Alcoholics Anonymous (just in case)
Alcohol Abuse.
Alcohol Rehab Help
The 10 Best Alcohol Detox and Rehabilitation Centers in the US.
Quit Smoking (just in case)
Vape Active.  Worth a look if vaping is your thing.
The Addiction Group.  Find resources for recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol.
Vision Center.  For those seeking eye surgery and other vision correction options.
Financial Assistance For Single Mothers.
55 Ways to save money on internet safety - The definitive guide.
Online Safety Tips for Kids and Parents.
Internet Safety for Teens, Kids and Students
Know Your DNA - Which DNA Test is the Most Accurate.

Household Quotes: Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Getting Over Grief: Understanding it's Stages and How to Heal
Dealing with Anxiety in Academics  A one-stop-shop for all of your dental and oral health needs.
Safe and effective chronic pain relief treatments to cure opioid epidemic.
Mediare Advantage Plans vs Original Medicare Insurance
Locate the best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centre.
The Recovery Village - Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Resource.
A Complete Guide to Understanding Bullying in the Modern Age.
How Support Animals Improve Recovery from Substance Use Disorders.
The ultimate guide to CBD oil benefits.
A 2019 Guide to SMART Recovery.
America's Killer New Drug?: A 2019 Guide to Fentanyl.
A guide to the signs of drug use in teens.
TruVida - A Guide to helping seniors overcome substance use disorders.
Alltreatment - Local drug and alcohol treatment locator.
State Funded Rehab Programs.
Delphi Health Group free rehab guide.
Dating Violence - Stop Violence Against Women - 2018 Guide.
Safe Harbor Treatment Center.
Consumer Safety Guide.
Adulting 101 - Millennial Life Skills Classes.  Read this if you want to give up smoking.
Silvermist recovery - The link between childhood trauma and addiction in adulthood
Inpatient Drug Rehab Centres.
Truvida - Helping Seniors Overcome Substance Use Disorders.
Silver Ridge Recovery - How Addiction Affects The Brain.
Tuck - How smoking affects sleep.
The Importance of Sleep: An Ultimate Guide to Sleep and Health.
Ready To Quit Smoking.
Detox Rehabs.
Vaping Daily (If the above link doesn't work for you, try this one instead).
Addiction Resource (just in case).
Recall Report.

ADT Healthcareoffers free help and assistance to people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Contact: 0800 088 66 86

Racing Post - An excellent horse tipping website that's Nearly as good as this one.
Racing TV - See above.
At The Races - Ditto.
UK Jumping - A very entertaining site for National Hunt racing enthusiasts.
UK Jockey - Top site by David Howard, a conditional jockey for M.C.Pipe no less.
Ratz4Racing - Free Horse Racing Tips and Ratings.  Over thirty years in the horse racing industry and this is the result. Come and see how we're doing!
Tipster Challenge - Horse racing free tips, and free horse racing competition, betting, and bookmaker free bets.
Metal Hammer - The best heavy metal magazine there is bar none.
Chelsea F.C. - Official website of the world's greatest football club.
Red Dwarf - Official site of a smegging brilliant TV show.
The Shadowlands - Ghosts, UFO's, monsters, mysteries, it's all here.