Ivor Donkey would like to apologise to all Owners, Trainers, Stable Staff and Jockeys for tipping their horses, it's nothing personal.

I realise that for every horse in training, from classic winners to selling platers, there is at least one owner who thinks the world of it, and rightly so.  Therefore, any derogatory comments about any particular horse are purely in fun and should be taken accordingly.

As for my comments about women, I would like to stress that Ivor Donkey is not a Misogynist, Chauvanist or a Homosexual.  I have no objection whatsoever to posh women showing off their 
jugs - I just wish they wouldn't bet (the women I mean, not the jugs).

Ivor Donkey would NOT like to apologise to tipsters and gallops reporters because I mean every word of it and you know that it's all true anyway.

Quite a few of the photographs whic  appear on this web site are taken from the book "The Spirit Of Racing" , I hope that the publishers of said tome don't object, as I am not using them for financial gain.  This site is a non- profit making venture (a bit like my betting really).

Anyone who doesn't own this book really ought to as it's excellent, especially the photographs.

There, I've given the book a free plug so we're quits, right?

I also gave Timeform and Raceform a free plug, so a year's free subscription will do very nicely thank you.