Do you know what makes me Really bloody angry?

Corporate Hospitality, that's what.  Or more accurately, the amount of grandstand space given over to corporate hospitality at the expense of real racegoers.  This is not the case at every course, and some are worse than others, but at some courses it's bloody ridiculous.

I'm not just talking about the bigger courses either, take Towcester for example, the members and tattersalls grandstand is a bit old and rickety but the viewing is as good as any other course I've visited.  At least it was until they built the Grace stand, because now you can't even see the entrance to the home straight and the first fence in it, but who cares?, as long as they can fill their new corporate stand with pea brained yuppie w*****s who wouldn't know one end of a horse from the other.  They don't even watch the racing half of the time, they just stay in there stuffing their faces and getting p****d on champagne.

Haydock is another prime example, they've got a bloody great big corporate hospitality stand right near the finish line, and the grandstand for proper racegoers is nowhere near big enough.  Admittedly I haven't been there since they rebuilt it , but it doesn't look a lot bigger than it was before, and it was pathetically small then, but there's plenty of room for all of the twats in their private boxes, oh yes.

Ascot have got the right idea, the members grandstand there doesn't have a load of private boxes in it, they're all further down and the best view can be had by real racegoers.  Shove the b******s in a marquee halfway down the course, they wouldn't know any different, they wouldn't care either as long as there's plenty of booze to pour down their fat necks.

Racecourses should consider who it is that keeps them going all year round, how many yuppies do you see at mid winter jumps meetings when it's cold enough to freeze the b******s off a brass monkey?
I'll tell you - none.  They only turn up in the summer when the weather's warm.

This problem isn't only confined to racing, football is getting just as bad. Newcastle United being the obvious example, moving their real supporters (who'd each payed 500 to secure their seats for ten years, or so they thought) to inferior seats just to make way for corporate w*****s who know bugger all about football and who shouldn't be given priority.  The stupid b******s who run the club should resign now.

Racecourse management and football clubs should be more concerned about their grass roots support and stop p*****g them around.  Corporate clients might generate more money, especially at racecourses because they're thick b******s who know bugger all about racing and always put ridiculous amounts of money on the wrong horse, but it's the real racegoers who keep coming back year in year out.