Do you know what makes me Really bloody angry?

Snobbery, that's what.  Well, snobbery at flat racing meetings to be exact, as I've yet to come across it at any of the numerous National Hunt meetings that I've attended.

Inflexible dress codes are one of the worst examples of flat race snobbery, but as I've already covered that in detail I won't go over it again.  Anyway, it's not only the officials that are snobs at flat meetings, certain sections of the crowd are as well.  A conversation which I heard in the members enclosure at Newmarket on champions day is a typical example, a big fat woman with copious quantities of facial hair stated that "the trouble with going racing is that one has to mix with uncivilized people".  I'm assuming that the remark wasn't directed at yours truly as Ivor Donkey is always well behaved when at the racecourse, but if it was, at least I take the bloody trouble to shave every morning and don't walk around with a face hairier than King Kong's arse.

It's not just what these bloody snobs say that annoys me, it's the way they behave too.  They never get out of the way for anybody, they assume that they're better than you and expect you to stand aside for them.  Well b******s to that, just because they're dressed up like a dog's dinner doesn't make them any better than me or anybody else.  As the saying goes ,"All men are equal on the turf, and six feet under it", some of these posh w*****s would do well to remember that.  

Anyway, a large proportion of these snobby twats don't know the first thing about horse racing in any case, they just turn up to show off and pose and get p****d on champagne.  Still, you only have to put up with them at summer meetings as they never turn up in cold weather in the winter, in any case, they think national hunt racing is too 'vulgar' for the likes of them, good bloody riddance I say.

The posh women that turn up at the flat meetings are less irritating than the posh men because they dress to show off their 'assets', resulting in an abundance of cleavage being on show.  They're no less bloody snobbish than their male counterparts, but 'big knockers' tend to distract your attention away from it.

Some racecourse officials can be bloody snobbish as well, at York for instance, they seem to take pleasure in telling people to put their jackets on in the members enclosure if they've had the temerity to take them off for a few seconds, likewise at Doncaster, and to a lesser degree at Ascot.

If the racing authorities want to attract more people to race meetings as they keep saying they do, then they should do everything in their power to bloody well banish snobbishness from racecourses, and therefore make racing a more enjoyable experience, instead of the snobby upper class jolly up that some flat meetings seem to be.