Do you know what makes me Really bloody angry?

Car parking, that's what.  Or more accurately, the bloody stupid way that car parking is organized at certain racecourses.  My latest experience of this was at a recent meeting at Warwick, the cars were being directed to park in the standard racecourse fashion, two rows one behind the other, then a space, then another two rows, and so on.  The theory being that the front row can get out forwards, and the back row can get out by reversing.  However, the "space" in between the rows was so bloody small that those unfortunate enough to be in one of the back rows (such as yours truly), were forced to perform some very tricky and time consuming manoeuvres to get out, added to the fact that they make you park so close together that you can hardly get the bloody door open to get in and out of the car. 

I had to inch back and forth at least ten times, yes that's right, TEN BLOODY TIMES !  It's a bloody miracle that I didn't collide with any cars either side of or behind me.  I drive a Mondeo hatchback, which is reasonably long but not exactly massive is it?, if I'd been in anything longer, or an estate car, then I'd have been stuck there until the cars behind or in front had gone.  That's all well and good, but there are some courses where a quick getaway is essential, and Warwick is one of them, especially if the last race coincides with the rush hour and everybody is trying to get back to the M40.

It was exactly the same at Brighton the last time that I went there, the cars were way too bloody close together and it took ages to extract myself from my parking space, it's just not bloody well good enough.  Even if I'd been in a bloody Mini it would have been difficult.

I realize that car parking at certain courses is at a premium and they want to get as many cars in as possible, but they should at least leave enough bloody room for people to get out.  It's not really too much to bloody well ask is it?

Another thing, after the car park stewards have finished organizing everybody into nice rows, why do these bloody posh bastards who arrive at the last minute think that they can just park anywhere they bloody want to and cause an obstruction.  An example of this happened at a meeting that I went to at Sedgefield in November 2001, all of the cars had been parked in neat (and too close together) rows and I was lucky enough to be in one of the front ones.  When I came out after the meeting, some prick had left a big red, expensive looking Rover parked lengthways between the two rows, so the three cars behind and in front of it were totally blocked in.  Luckily I was a bit further along and could still get out, but if I'd been blocked in I'd have been bloody livid.  If the owner of the aforementioned Rover happens to be reading this - show a bit of consideration for other people you thick arsehole.

Another parking related thing that I must mention are those bloody irritating leaflets that people stick under your windscreen wiper during race meetings.  At the Warwick meeting that I mentioned earlier, the leaflet was not only under the wiper, it was stuck to the bloody windscreen and left half of itself behind when I peeled it off.  Another outrageously expensive crap bloody tipping service no doubt (I have long since given up reading the pointless drivel on the leaflets).  There should be a law against the wankers that distribute such crap, they should be prosecuted for dropping litter as virtually everyone just screws them up and throws them on the ground without reading them.