Do you know what makes me Really bloody angry?

Bad course design, that's what.  There are too  many examples of this to mention, but the worst that I have experienced is the members grandstand at Doncaster.  Or to be more precise, the f*****g ridiculous location of the Hyperion bar on the ground floor.  If you've never been there, to get out of the upper level of the grandstand and to get to the bookies or the parade ring, you have to go down the stairs or escalator (they come out in the same place), and through a large set of doors and up some steps.  Simple in theory, but in practice, that whole area is full of brain dead, f*****g inconsiderate yuppie w*****s who stand in large groups outside the bar and block the entrance.  Once you've fought your way through those tossers, you're bloody well confronted with more of them outside blocking the steps and the exit from the members enclosure.  The moron who decided to put that bar there should be strung up by his b******s from the top of the grandstand.

In the racecard on St Leger day it said that they are going to rebuild the grandstand, let's hope they make a better bloody job of the new one and put the bars at the back of the grandstand, because let's face it, the people who spend the afternoon in there aren't even slightly interested in the racing so they don't need to be anywhere near the course.  Pretty f*****g obvious really isn't it?

Probably the best known example of bad design is the millennium grandstand at Newmarket, but due to the fact that I've covered it in detail elsewhere on this website, and also due to the fact that the management at Newmarket have accepted that it sucks and are implementing changes to make it more user friendly, I won't bother discussing it here.

Another thing that I find bloody annoying is grandstand roofs that don't stick out far enough.  Stratford is one of those that springs to mind, the new tattersalls grandstand at Newbury as well.  I've never been to Carlisle, but I hear that their grandstand has the same problem.  When I've paid good money to enter a racecourse, I don't expect to get f*****g wet when I'm standing in the grandstand watching the race.  Is that really too much to bloody well ask?, I don't think so.  Pillars along the front are another bloody irritating feature in some grandstands.  The tattersalls grandstand at Nottingham being one of the worst examples, and the ones at Cheltenham are bloody intrusive as well.

A further example of bad course design would be the "redevelopment" of Kempton.  Am I the only one who thinks that it was better as it was before?  The grandstand is no bloody better inside or out, in terms of viewing or facilities, and why did they resite the parade ring to such an inconvenient position?, not inconvenient so much for punters as for trainers.  The parade ring and pre-parade ring were next to each other before and the parade ring was adjacent to the course.  Now though, horses have to be taken up a long narrow walkway from pre-parade to parade, and back again to get out onto the course afterwards.  Not ideal for nervous two year olds having to be taken down a long narrow walkway thronged with people is it.  It's bloody obvious why they did it though, it's so that the tossers in the corporate hospitality areas in the upper levels of the grandstand can see the parade ring without having to get up off their fat arses, as if they are bothered about the f*****g horses anyway.